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Inspirational Ideas for Mothers to Create a New Way of Being


Simple solutions for Mothers to establish a new way of being focused on wisdom, wellness, purpose and family – inspired by my own journey.

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Ready For A New Way Of Being based on Wisdom, Wellness and Purpose?

Tired of chasing dreams and fulfiling expectations that are inspired by others? You want to feel prepared for a new era and be ahead of a changing world? I hear you loud and clear. Like me, you crave spiritual growth and a greater connection to a higher intelligence for guidance. You want peace, joy and happiness to feel at ease in a changing world.

What if I told you the best way to accelerate your growth and peace of mind is shifting your focus to making small practical changes that will transform your whole experience, would you be interested?


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Join Spirit of Motherhood To Create Your New Way Of Being.

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Deep within your soul you are being called to step into a new power where you take responsibility for your life and prepare for profound spiritual change. The Spirit of Motherhood program focuses on giving you practical and inspirational ideas to meet the change halfway through purposeful action.

We incorporate spiritual growth, how to connect with your second self for guidance, take steps to heal and be aligned to natural wellness and get your life in order so you can lead your children by example.

For Mothers who want a way of life that fosters spirituality, higher guidance and taking the reigns on raising your family.  

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Contemplating about life and its wonders activates our ability to think independently and get into the habit of accessing higher intelligence.

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Three Ways To Access Higher Intelligence

Three Ways To Access Higher Intelligence

‘Is my colour green the same as everyone else’s colour green?’ One of my first memories of my childhood was launching this question, which set the trajectory of my life path. You see I realised the only colour green we all saw was the one the collective agreed upon,...

Beyond The Paradigm Of Limited Understanding

Beyond The Paradigm Of Limited Understanding

I predict that we are going to see some very interesting changes this decade, mainly around people realising how much of our world is a complete illusion. Previously taboo topics that delve into the mysteries of our world will come to the forefront and engage people...

Allow Me To Introduce Myself

My name is Vanessa and I have been on a life long spiritual journey, just like you.


The world we live in is a complete illusion and it is not designed for us to thrive. And the only way we can get out of this illusion and find joy, peace, happiness and more spiritual growth is through establishing a New Way of Being.

We have a whole industry growing on self help yet people are still soul searching. For what exactly? Peace, connection, joy and purpose. When I turned my attention to create a new way of being based around spiritual growth, natural wellness, family and meaning, I finally started to fulfil my desire for expansion in a natural and joyful way.