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a journey for mothers towards expanded consciousness, family wellbeing and creating a lifestyle aligned to the human spirit.

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welcome beautiful soul

embody the spirit of motherhood

Activate Feminine Qualities

You were guided here as you want to align to the Spirit of Motherhood and activate all your feminine qualities – family nurturer, spiritual guide, upholder of values, wellbeing designer, purposeful co-creator & visionary.

Wholesome Family Life

You want to contribute in a meaningful way by raising a wholesome family and design a business around family being first.  

Personal Growth

You are looking for information that will accelerate your personal and spiritual growth with greater connection to Spirit and intuition to guide you and your family in a positive direction.

It is at this critical juncture that we meet. It is with great delight and anticipation that I can guide you into the deep unknown and introduce you to the world that has been in the perimeter of your awareness.

appreciating family life

Hello, I’m Vanessa

Right now, we are in the midst of a major evolution. More of us are being guided to activate the true Spirit of Motherhood within us and nurture our families into wellbeing, higher potential and play an active role to create a lifestyle aligned to our human spirit.

I am Mother just like yourself, who has been on a life long spiritual journey. However there has been no greater transformation for me in my life than Motherhood and learning how to embrace this amazing role. 

Mothers like you, are feeling the calling to take the reins back on our lives and our families upbringing by being purposeful in how we design our lives, contribute in a meaningful way and how we raise our children. My mission is to guide mothers to embody the spirit of motherhood and become purposeful in how to live, raise a family and create prosperity.


Vanessa x

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