When you are struggling to get off the starting line, planning too long or waiting for perfect timing and/or an opportunity to get started, it may be for a different reason than what you may think.

Whenever I have long periods of procrastination, I always come to the realisation (after doing this for a while) that this is occurring because I don’t have enough chi or life force energy flowing through my life and therefore have no energy to give to my dreams.

The only way I break these procrastination patterns is by addressing my energy flow. I do this by doing yoga or Varmam exercises in the morning and quite recently discovered Jason Quitt’s Egyptian Postures which are helpful in strengthening connection with Spirit and universal forces and increasing your energy flow.

Normally after simply doing one of the above, the energy starts to flow again. Then the motivation to take action kicks in so I can make up for the lost time.

Try it and see if it moves you into action as well and break the procrastination cycle (not to mention the bonus of stronger connection to all that is). 

People often refer to this as self care – but I see it more as self responsibility to get things flowing in your life as stagnation leads to more stagnation. We must make the effort to get energy flowing.

Once we open our energy field, we will be open to new information to enter our fields and help us to grow and evolve. The Egyptian Postures are perfect for this as it opens us to guidance and greater connection to our higher selves and the Universal Mind.

Get started today by writing down 5 ways in which you can get energy to get flowing in your life to motivate you each day and avoid long periods of procrastination and low motivation.