I don’t know about you, but in winter I live in yoga pants. They are easy and simple and quite frankly just plain comfortable as I do things around the house. However yoga pants materials can be full of toxins. Now that there is growing awareness about how toxins are effecting our lives such as the estrogen factor, it is beneficial to find new ways to cut some harmful ones out of our lives and invest in better quality fabrics.

Here is an alarming article from 2022 highlighting that some of people’s favourite brands are full of nasties.


Keep in mind, there are now many yoga pants that have taken out the bad stuff, so research the organic cotton ones and look up materials.

Not so long ago, I made a conscious decision to start phasing out a lot of my old wardrobe items and replacing them with more natural fibres. Luckily for me, rural towns in New South Wales are obsessed with breathable fabrics like linen and more soul satisfying organic cotton so the world is my oyster here.

When I am ready to replace key items, I take to my local town and purchase some handmade clothing by a local designer who is making a statement with her slow fashion designs. So nowadays I’m not buying many cookie cutter off the rack clothes but instead investing in clothing that starts with a vision and comes into creation through personal attention.

This process makes a difference to how you feel. As an example I visited one of the major stores the other day to get something for my Mother and I decided to try and denim jeans. What I realised is I am not really into denim anymore. That is a whole other topic about how harmful making denim can be to waterways but I don’t feel good in these things anymore. , So now I have to hunt down the perfect pants for winter – when I find it I will let you know.

What I do foresee though, is that local seamstress designers will prove to be quite popular in the coming years, especially as supply chains experience more of a breakdown. Not to mention people are starting to crave more handmade personalised items. Things that are one of a kind or at least made in smaller quantities.

Have a look around at some local towns and see what is available and start finding materials that make you feel good and look good.