We are entering a time when there is a split in realities. One path leads to n artificial, technocratic world and the other is what the rest of us shape it to be. There is a big reason why we are seeing a huge split between the two directions, because one offers a world that takes our power away, censors our ability to have our unique perspectives and paths and the other is about becoming empowered and setting a new course. This is no coincidence and if you want to be part of a new reality we have to actively create it.

So as invested people in our futures, we must ask where is our world going and do we want to go there? This one simple questions fails to be asked by the majority of us and we go along with the momentum towards a direction where people are not thriving, remain in a position where we are influenced and coerced by others and the entire system leads us to where it wants to go.

So what can we as individuals do to change things and why should we? We have the ability to adapt our own lives and set a course for amazing change. there are already many people shifting their perception of the world and visualising a different path which is opening up right before our very eyes.

By understanding the principles of law of attraction and how to be happy we start focusing on outcomes and generating momentum towards this direction. I believe the majority of us, apart from those scarry sociopaths, want a world in which we all flourish and gain deep fulfilment, immersing ourselves in the magic of life, nature and the universe.

If this is you, then it is time to start working towards your own vision of a beautiful life. The trick is to turn your attention on the outcome and lifestyle you want to create and what will make you happy. Learn the art of manifestation and apply it to every area of your life and our world will turn into the paradise it was always meant to be and currently is underneath the veil of technology and order.

We  are powerful creators and the purpose of life is to create so lets use this energy and all our abilities to set this course to a wonderful, glorious world where we love our lives, our children are inspired and we are aligned to the heart of ourselves, our communities and our planet.