In your business have you ever been stuck on the merry-go-round of trying something a few times, it doesn’t work and then you stop doing it and try something else (and so on and so on)? 

I certainly have and the reason I now call this a trap is because once you start operating like this it can be hard to break the habit. You find yourself chasing every shiny new ‘fix’ there is.

Throughout the creation of my business, I found myself becoming an expert at chopping and changing directions. Some of it was necessary but most of the time I never really enabled myself the time to get good at the one thing before deciding to move to another. It is like being seduced by the idea that this new thing will work better, oh but wait there is another new thing over there that is even better, oh hold on, but maybe this will work instead. AHHHHHH!!

I am a typical Piscean and love to try new things and chase new ideas however one day after reaching a point of complete dissatisfaction and zero results, I realised I was doing everything wrong and I was stuck on that merry-go-round to nowhere. I came to the clear realisation that my biggest challenge was that I never fully committed to one pathway. It was exhausting and pointless to be honest.  You most likely know what I am talking about because I think most of us fall into this trap at one time or another especially considering how many new innovations and new ideas there are.

However what became most evident to me, is that the more I was chasing new tricks and new quick ‘fixes’, the more I spread my energy around and didn’t allow myself enough time to build energy momentum in any particular direction. Everything is energy and creation is all about momentum so we have to focus our energy to build momentum, that is how manifestation works whether in business or any other aspects of our lives. We must invest our energy, our thought and our desire in a focused way in order to get results.

Imagine building a home and changing the design every few days because you don’t quite like how it looks or someone showed you a different way to build it. You would run out of money, run out of enthusiasm and have a hickelty pickelty house to show for all your efforts or lack thereof. So just imagine what energetic patterns we are creating in our businesses!

The best way to get results is to focus on one or two pathways and get really good at them whether it be for a course, your products or marketing. Give yourself permission to tweak and modify but don’t abandon because they didn’t give magic results the first time round. A clear energy investment and focus help us build the momentum we seek.

It may take a little while to see some results, but the effort will pay off in the end as we are building momentum towards a result rather than looking for a magic wand to get a result.