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A podcast for those who are awakening and looking to Answer their Soul Calling™

and contribute to a changing world in a meaningful way. Hosted by Vanessa LeBlanc.

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E.3 be savvy & create A business that gives you more free time

by Vanessa LeBlanc

When we go on our journey to start a business, we do it because we want more free time. But imagine spring boarding off this desire and creating a business that replicates the same problems we had when we worked for someone. You want to get more savvy on what makes up a fulfilling life and focus on impact and meaning. The universe is walking with you on your creation so get creative on what your ideal day and week look like, what you can offer to generate prosperity and design your business around that.

Recent Episodes 

I recently introduced my Answer Your Soul Calling podcast to share some insights and observations of how to Answer Your Soul Calling, create a soulful business and contribute to a changing world in a meaningful way.


E.2 Spiritual Transformation Potential In Business

by Vanessa

It is in the process of creating a soulful business, that we open up the potential to transform ourselves many times over and barge through our limitations in order to achieve something of importance. When you start on your journey to Answer Your Soul Calling, you will grow and evolve whether it was your intention to do so or not. That is when you open yourself up to huge spiritual growth as you move beyond the confines of the ego and its outdated belief systems that have been holding you back

E1. How To Move Towards Answering Your Soul Calling

by Vanessa

In this decade we are going to see a lot more movement towards people doing what they are destined to do. We are being encouraged to take steps towards our calling but may be hesitant because we have been told to play it safe, get a secure job and follow the formulas we are supposed to follow. Not anymore, the energy is pushing us to start contributing to this changing world in a meaningful way, with our own unique contribution. This is the time where we can make it happen.

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01Explore new ways of creating a soulful business based on your calling. 

02Enhance opportunities to accelerate your spiritual growth. 

03Activate your prosperity consciousness so you can continually create and enjoy your life. 

04Learn how to contribute to the changing world in a meaningful way.