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A podcast for those who seek to activate their inner power and navigate the awakening journey with intuition and discernment. Hosted by Vanessa LeBlanc.

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E2. Should You Come Out Of The Awakening Closet

by Vanessa LeBlanc

I share my thoughts and experiences of coming out of the awakening closet. After awakening, we often feel we live in a desert of isolation lost within our thoughts and truth seeking. Then when we emerge, relating to the normal world, our jobs and normal people isn’t as easy anymore. We look at what method works best and what to avoid when navigating this chaotic illusion and dealing with those who can only speak in terms of ’science and evidence’.


Recent Episodes 

I recently introduced my Awakening To The Illusion podcast to share some insights and observations of how to navigate the traps on the Awakening Journey and focus more on activating our inner power to create.


E1. Welcome To Those Awakening To The Illusion

by Vanessa

In a time of great change we must keep our wits about us. In this very first episode I introduce myself and the purpose of this podcast, which is to keep us awake to the traps that await us in the awakening journey, all designed to divert us from our path and keep us distracted from living our lives. Instead we will commence the journey to activate our own inner power to shape our personal reality which will influence the collective.

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Why you should be listening to the Awkening To The Illusion podcast

01Explore new ways of living and thinking and how to activate our own inner power to create a new reality. 

02Recognise the traps within the awakening journey designed to make people look confused. 

03Finding some sense in a chaotic world by looking at everything in form of energy and momentum. 

04Exploring consciousness topics and what they mean for our changing world.