Raising Little Visionaries™

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Raising Little Visionaries

The Online Course

Ready to equip your kids with the ultimate life skills?

Learn a new approach to parenting, blending spirituality and manifestation to help your children navigate life effortlessly and find inner peace. Say goodbye to uncertainty and hello to empowered kids who can create their own reality.

Join us on the journey to a more mindful, joy-filled way of raising kids and living life to the fullest!”


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Powerful Outcomes

Upon completion expect the following

01Learn how parenting through a spiritual and manifesting philosophy will give your kids the tools to navigate any situation.

02Give your kids the tools to activate their inner power to create.

03You can raise independent thinkers who can create their own reality based on their own original and unique ideas.

04Learn how to shift from material and technocratic world to one that instills peace and joy through contemplation.

05Confidence to raise children who are focused on spiritual growth and see the value of connecting to a higher intelligence for guidance and understanding. 

How this came about

My Motivation? Nothing about our modern parenting made sense to me …

From the moment I knew I was going to a mother, I was motivated to do things differently. It just didn’t make sense to raise my kids to become lost in a system that the rest of us became lost in.

I was guided on a journey to seek more knowledge outside of the box from a variety of sources that didn’t adopt the usual group thinking including the Ringing Cedars of Russia and combined it with my knowledge on manifesting and spiritual growth, two topics that are meaningful in my journey.

The content I share was originally created for myself to guide myself in raising my children in this unique way.  Now I share it with awakened Mothers like yourself so we can all benefit from applying these principles to our family journey.

Vanessa x

The Modules

Check Out What’s Included

Module 1

Creating Your Ideal Family Life

Go through a step by step process to create your ideal family life. 

Identify your family values which will become a decision guidance system. 

Become empowered in your role as a parent and parent in your own unique way.

Release limiting beliefs on what is possible in your life and open up to new experiences and opportunities for change.

Module 2

Discover the Soul Essence of Your Child

Discover and nurture your child’s soul essence and unique brillance.

Techniques for understanding and flowing with your child’s personality

Working with your childs Emotional Guidance System

Module 3

Create a Foundation For Your Little Visionary

Establishing a Little Visionary Mindset so this becomes a way of life.

Develop a culture for purity of thought and an understanding of the importance of thought.

Immersing children in Nature Play so they understand the interconnectedness of all that is.

Big Dreams, big possibilities – allowing children to achieve the so called impossible.

Module 4

Little Visionary Mode de Vie (Way of Life)

Establish a culture of feelings in your family. 

Apply some techniques for everyday learning & communication.

Encouraging support for your child’s awakening Talents.

The importance of Self Love and uplifting others throughout the journey through life.

Blessings & Gratitude


All these exciting bonuses are included in your course

01Little Visionary Activities: Some great ideas to ignite imagination.

02Little Visionary Everyday Cheat Sheet to keep on track.

03Emotional Freedom Technique Demonstration

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