Our values are one of the most important virtues we can hold, as they shape our decisions and they shape our experiences. When individuals lose connection with wholesome values than they become susceptible to influence rather than directing their own life.

In a very ‘me centric world’, our society at large has started feeling the repercussion of lost values and replacing them with detrimental ideologies that are not proving to be life enhancing in any way shape or form. However it appears some things must be lost in order to be regained.

We now have a revival towards wholesome values and a new collective is forming where we are reinvesting focus, intention and desire to integrate these wholesome traditional values back into our lives. And with good reason – values when taken seriously become your guide posts towards wise decisions.

In case anyone reading this is new to values, they are defined as the principles that help you to decide what is right and wrong, and how to act in various situations. In my opinion Values help keep us on track and remain in integrity with ourselves and how we desire our experiences to reflect our inner world.

The reason I personally place so much importance on them, is because once you embrace your key values, you have all the resources you need to handle situations effectively and in a soulfully aligned way.

So for instance, when you have strong values, you simply check into to your value system when making tough decisions. Ask – will this choice allow me to remain in integrity with my values? If the answer is no, than that path is very unlikely to make you happy.

Or as a further example, imagine a scenario where you are offered an amazing partnership opportunity but the person’s values are very different from your own. This alone gives you an insight into the potential clash and conflict further down the line. Or of course if values align, it could be a wonderful opportunity.

As we move into a more conscious world, values will become very important and will guide people to support businesses and people who share those wholesome values.

If you would like to invest in establishing your own value system, the best way to start is to write down your top 5 values. To make life easy, I have put a list of values here to choose from. Choose what resonates with you the most and what you feel is already important in your life rather than choosing ones that sound good but you don’t really have a place in your everyday life.

The rest is simple, use them as a guide post for every decision make from that point forward.