Are you sick and tired going to work and slaving away for someone who couldn’t care less about you? You are not alone.

Women in particular are leaving their draining jobs in droves (there Are 114 Percent More Women Entrepreneurs Than 20 Years Ago) to pursue their passions and create an abundant lifestyle that bring zest back to life and allows them spend more time with their families.

Not many companies care about your personal lives, they may pretend they do but let’s face it they most likely don’t. I once worked for a company that expected you to come in on weekends every few months to attend a meeting, one which could easily be held on a weekday. This was their special way of holding their power over you and this is how they expect you to show your dedication to the company. If you didn’t go, you could expect some consequences. Yikes, can you imagine! This was not a very healthy environment to work in, that is for sure.

However the reality is, this is how creations work. When someone creates a structure or business – it can only thrive if it recruits people who will give energy to it. Put simply, people have to buy in to THEIR game in order for it to exist. The moment you buy into their game, you hand your power over and feed it what it wants – your energy and your time. In return it will give you some drip benefits such as a weekly pay, some pats on the back when you as you are told, maybe you get a promotion here and there and the reason why most people stay is the illusion of safety only achievable if you stay within the perimeters of the game. That meaning, in return you must abide by it’s rules and keep your unique true self as hidden as possible (until you disappear and become what suits them) and if you do not, you are out on your ear or punished in a variety of ways.

The question we all must ask ourselves is do we want to work our lives away to help build other people’s creations, knowing that we must use all OUR energy to do so?

When I looked at organisations and the system as individual and collective games, it really shifted my perspective and I realised the only ‘game’ I want to be in is my own. There are many of you, who also desire your own business so you can get out of being the energetic errand boy/girl for companies and instead invest your energy into something fabulous, something that comes from your heart and ignites the happiness that is yours.

The key point in my article is that you can get out of these organisations and start a business that gives you the flexible lifestyle you crave. You can start very simply or go full throttle, just as long as you get started. The most simplest way to get moving is to start with your mindset and shifting your beliefs about what is possible. It is all about believing in the possibility of something more, doing something you love. The moment you believe, is the moment you are delivered the opportunities that will change your life and lead you onto the path to that deeper fulfilment.

This is why I focus on helping Mothers in particular, as I really believe should have the ability to create that lifestyle that supports them financially while giving them the time they crave with their children. Our society is set up in a way that is counteractive to this, however we are in the midst of a paradigm shift and more women are shifting their mindset and actions to achieve their broader goals. We now have the knowledge to shape our individual path and a better world that is heart aligned.

So I say go for it, take those first few steps as early as possible. Start with your beliefs and go from there because you 100% absolutely can do it and a path will open up the moment you make the intention to be in charge of your own life!