I was prompted today by a friend to think back to the time of when I was in the normal world and had some really great jobs. From other people’s perspective, they were fabulous highly sought after roles but to me they were lacking in some way and I felt limited and dissatisfied. Although I was grateful for the opportunities, what I really doing is buying into the image of having that job and what it looked like to others rather than thinking about whether it was a good fit for me.

What I didn’t realise at the time is that I just wanted to contribute in a more meaningful way, being a marketer wasn’t enough for me as it provided very little meaning. Campaigns start rolling into one another and becoming a little ‘sameness’. Although on occasion I really enjoyed a new project and was feeling great, once that was over it all came down – ‘hmm now what’.
The void reached its peak late 2011 when I was promoted. It was exciting at the time but when reaching new levels you realise maybe this is the furthest point I want to go with this and try something new.
So in 2012 I threw everything up in the air and quit my comfortable job to travel and think about my future. Everything in my world was turned upside down for me on this trip as I felt like I was becoming more like me. There was no going back, I knew that because I wanted the freedom of self expression. I was awakening to new possibilities and trusting my guidance to the extent that I had never done before. It was wonderful.
What tends to happen at that point, is you become lost in a sea of possibilities. So I didn’t have the answers straight away but eventually they came in when I tried to fit back into the old type of normal in a new job. This is when I had a big ah-ha. I had the realisation that what was missing in my life and career was the bigger picture. The one thing I needed and craved – was a lifestyle where I had everything I wanted! For me it includes more time to connect with people, quality time with my family, live in a good community, take time for spiritual growth, simplicity and contributing in a meaningful way through my own business.
So in essence, what I really discovered is that it was not dissatisfaction prompting me to look for new jobs but instead was HOW I lived my life. Understanding that changed everything for me. The moment I acknowledged this, my perception shifted.
I went through the process of redesigning my life to the way I wanted to live and in some ways I did it the hard way. I was exploring every option but I took note of the key techniques which brought everything to fruition. However one thing I can tell you, it all started to gain momentum once I gained crystal clear clarity of what I wanted.
That crystal clear clarity changes everything. Once you know what you want, all the resources, ideas, knowledge and opportunities fell into place.
This is why so many ‘gurus’ have it wrong. Manifesting more money is a byproduct of what you want. You don’t reconstruct your lives through getting better jobs or focus your business around making more money to buy what you want. You determine what lifestyle you need to provide you with joy, fulfilment and happiness first because that is the core and foundation of our desires.  Everything else should be designed around that and that is why I focus on lifestyle in my training.
If you have a desire for a more satisfying life like I did, then start with thinking about how you would like to live on a daily basis. Once you get clear, you can shift your personal reality in that direction. Then life starts giving you many surprises and experiences that are both meaningful and fulfilling.
Much love