At this present time there are two realities are emerging. One is driven by fear and separation that is leading us on a path to nowhere. The other is a new dream that has been born in heart’s of love, people looking to be connected to each other again and surrounded by nature. The choice is now upon us to determine which path will warm our own heart and lead us to the happiness we crave in our lives.

Dear soul, aren’t you tired of striving to find something which appears to be unattainable. Where is this illusive satisfaction and happy life you were promised in your youth? The path has always been there for you to find however you must make the conscious choice to move towards it and do things your own way. This may mean giving up the false beliefs and following false prophets into the abyss that they promise you exists.

A wise woman once said to me ‘ Vanessa, you have two choices. Keep allowing the magic into your life or go back to being like everyone else’. Those two choices face us every day and I personally continue to choose the magic. I believe we are here to experience joy and creation and when we are in these states we are fulfilling our purpose. Anything less than that is following someone else’s game and the rules are never going to be in our favour.

It is time to stop waiting for the right time and the right circumstances to line up to change the direction we are heading in – we get to choose and we get to choose when we take that step. There are many people who are choosing happiness and a natural flow over a life of striving to be and to have. They are within the beauty of a new way of being so that more uplifting creations may be born. This dream is upon us now and is calling upon those who seek a better way.