I am a big fan of using the term prosperity over wealth. It takes off the pressure of creating opportunities to generate money and implies that you have all you need and are living comfortably. You are more likely to manifest your desires when you don’t have the pressure to find the money to bring them to fruition. You simply trust that the Universe orchestrates brining your desires to you in unique ways.

However it is important that you do things to help you along.

A great way to align yourself with prosperity is to commit to raising your standards. This doesn’t mean going out and spending money you don’t have on luxury items. It means deciding to buy quality over quantity.

One simply makes better choices.

This can go against your instincts if you are struggling. However if you decide to invest in better quality items and forgo junk food and things that don’t support your health, you tend to find the costs will equal out.

So a good example is when you do your weekly grocery shop, invest in better quality food and products that support your wellbeing. The trick is though, you need to make this a priority and something you intend to do from this day forward. It sends a message the Universe that you are not willing to compromise on this desire. Then a powerful thing happens – the Universe starts to continued resources to ensure you meet your uncompromising desire.

If however you do the opposite and compromise all the time by buying inferior products than what you want and submit regularly to junk food, then the Universe isn’t inspired to give you more because you are in alignment with the energy of compromise. That being your quality food isn’t a priority for you.

There are other ways in which you can raise your standards as well without spending money. You can commit to always having a nicely presented home that is clean and tidy. And keep yourself well presented and clean and tidy as well. You can invest in second hand clothing that match your higher standards. Whatever you are willing to accept, is what you will get more of.

To generate prosperity, raise your standards and be uncompromising about them. The Universe will then deliver more resources of likeness to your standards. The moment you lower your standards, worse conditions can creep in. Keep them high and more will come to meet them.

When you think with higher standards, you raise your vibration and bring in everything you need to meet these.