Three Tips for Raising a Little Visionary

Remember the time when you were dreaming of having a child, in your heart you just knew your child would be well behaved and delightful in every way. We all make this rookie mistake and the reality is our children have their own personalities, desires, wants and needs and if they challenge us then perhaps it is we who should adapt and change.

As a parent myself, I continue to learn to let go of expectations and look at my children as unique individuals who are guided intuitively by something I refer to as their soul print, which can also be defined as a uniqueness blue print designed by their inner being. All we need to do is recognize our child’s soul print so we can relate to them well. Then all that is required is to give them the tools and knowledge on how to create their own reality according to their uniqueness.

The good news is you can start today with these 3 tips on Raising a Little Visionary:

1. Embrace Your Child’s Uniqueness

Who is your child? What are they trying to tell you?

Often we are so busy trying to mold our children to adapt to the common behavior expectations, that we miss the point. Not to mention this type of molding tends to lead to more worrying about what needs to be fixed in your child.

As a society we spend far too much time integrating children to be the same as other children so they ‘fit in’, but this approach just chips away at all the characteristics that make them unique. Imagine if we could observe our children and understand their inner motivations and interests and then really embrace that uniqueness and help them to do so as well. All it takes is letting go of the program of how ‘they should be’ and instead observe ‘who they really are’.

In addition to observing your child, I recommend to all parents to invest in a full astrological birth chart on your child. These charts always contain useful insights that make you stop and think ‘yeah, you know they really are like that’. It will highlight possible challenges and motivations which can also guide your parenting technique so it is tailored to each child.

2. Change Your Program

A common mistake that people make is thinking that they can shape their children without having to change their lives. Children learn from the examples of others (not so much their words) so if you want your children to be little visionaries, the best way is to become a Visionary yourself, start today. Start learning about how to transform yourself into a Visionary and the person you have always wanted to be but never took the time to be, once you do take this time you will get more out of life than you can imagine right now. Without a doubt, you will be the biggest inspiration a child can have if you do this.

3. Give The Gift of Gratefulness

When you a grateful, amazing things start to happen. Not only are you more positive, your children will become more positive as well and uplifted. They thrive on positive energy and you can make this a theme in your household by always being in a state of gratefulness. You can play a great little game where anytime a family members complains about anything they have to then immediately reveal what about the situation also makes them grateful. Children will keep you on your toes with this.

When you are grateful you welcome more into your life to be grateful for and you align yourself the vibration of receiving.

I can only imagine how amazing children’s lives will be by the time they are adults if they are given the gift of gratefulness early.