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Align to the Spirit of Motherhood, manifest your future family first lifestyle & contribute to a changing world in a powerful way.

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How you can benefit from working with me

This is your potential future:

01You spend more time raising your kids while will doing all the things you love including running an at home business.

02You have taken radical self responsibility and made positive changes to transform your life experience. 

03You contribute to the world in a meaningful way and know how to live with passion and purpose. 

04 You bypass challanges because you have set up your life ahead of time for a timely manifestation. 

05 You are an inspiration as you have successfully fulfilled your dreams and activated your destiny. 


How i help you to start living this dream

Imagine having a crystal clear pathway to Answer Your Soul Calling & Creating a Family First Lifestyle 

 It is easier than you think to activate your highest potential lifeline. My superpower is getting your dream out of the ether and into the physical and I will be there beside you to help you clarify, design and manifest it into your reality.

My natural excitement on your journey will ignite your enthusiasm and confidence to get where you need to be.

Here’s How I Help, Read On!


Step Into Alignment with the Spirit of Motherhood 

Activate the Feminine Nurturer within

When we are confused or running parallel to our Motherhood path but not quite on it, we get blocked and consumed with guilt as you aren’t giving what desire to your family. This is when you run into recurring challenges. To overcome this we preplan the path towards Motherhood, your role in your family and establishing a vision for your future:

Activate Personal Responsibility

I lead you through a process to identify you deep desires, activate person responsibility for what you create and experience, bringing out your natural feminine qualities and what is means to be a nurturer.

Family Values

Establish your family values to as guideposts for decision making.

Clarity on Where and How to Raise Your Children

Gain clarity on how to construct a wholesome family life so you can establish your priorities.

Manifest Your Ideal Lifestyle

this is where we apply the magic

We use my very simple and easy formula to bring dreams into your reality.

Learn to Tap Into The Magic

I teach you how to tap into Universal energy to bring desires into manifestation.

Inspired & Purposeful Action

We will map out purposeful action to show your commitment to the dream and then lean in on all the inspired action and synchronicity that comes your way.

The Mystical Process of Allowing

Unlock the mystery as I teach you the tricks on how to allow your dreams to unfold in their perfect way and aligned to perfect timing.

apply the magic


Personal Transformation

become a vibrational match for your dream

Become Guardian of Your Energy

Protect your energy by consciously deciding what to hold onto and what to let go of including beliefs.

Focus On Healing

Many health challenges can be linked to our emotions and our unfulfilled dreams. Calling our power back from the people and events we gave our power to, will heal our spiritual, emotional and physical selves so we can redirect it to our dreams.

Connect to Guidance

Connect to universal guidance by learning to respond to your intuition, heart driven desires and other prompts towards action.

Self Love

We focus a lot on self love as this is an amazing source of soul nourishment.

answer your soul calling

Shape your calling towards creating a business

We look at how to create a passionate and soulful business by design.

Discover Your Soul Calling

Discover Your Soul Calling so you can shape your business idea.

Create the Soul Of Your Brand

Identify your branding archetype and construct the soul of brand which becomes a driving power in the creation of your business and offer.

Attract & Engage With Your Destined Audience

Uncover your ideal audience and messaging framework so that you can communicate in a way that connects and they hear what you are trying to say.

Create a Signature Offer That People Love

We walk through the creation of your signature offer products and packages and how to include more value with less work.

Charge with Confidence

Learn techniques to become confident with charging and start being paid what you and your offer are worth.

Discover Your Marketing Brilliance

Identify what marketing best suits you and use it to reach your ideal audience.

your soul calling

I Know What It Feels Like As I Have Walked In Your Shoes …

I spent years going around in circles, wasting critical time figuring things out and waiting for destiny to drop in my lap when I could have been living my life more effectively. I felt frustrated and very isolated that I was letting years roll not doing what my soul was calling me to do. I wanted to start my own business so I could work form home and spend more time raising a family. It was only when I realised there were no gurus prioritising motherhood that I decided I would find a way to do it myself.

Many years on, I live my potential, spend an enormous amount of quality time with my children (including homeschooling) and investing in the continual evolution of myself. I consider myself a bit of a destiny guide, helping women like you who need someone to bridge the gap of where you are now to where you need to be. My coaching combines law of attraction, prosperity consciousness, spiritual growth, business coaching, soulful marketing & healing as well as focusing on your transformation within the context of being a Mother.

We have a wonderful window of opportunity where the Universe is orchestrating all the resources and opportunities to get you and others to bring about your destiny and manifest your dreams during a time of great upheaval and change. Take advantage of this amazing time.

Does this speak to your heart? Then, read on and see what packages are on offer.

Awakening To a new Potential

become a Visionary Mama

Say hello to a new lifestyle sooner

Confidence that you are moving into your ideal family first lifestyle.

Stop winging it and gain clarity and direction.

Let go of feeling lost and alone and use 1:1 coaching that helps you through those critical junctions.

Nothing can replicate the joy and relief of knowing you are already on your path by taking that first step.


types of clients i love to work with

We are a good fit if:

You believe:

you are a determined to put family first

You have the determination and drive to live your destiny, make your dreams happen and will see it through to manifestation all while putting your family first.

driven to learn and transform

You are willing do the background work and utilise coaching sessions for clarity and to propel you further.

Want to lead the life of your dreams

You are ready to design your life in a way that gives you the freedom to allocate time and energy the way you want.

An Awakened Soul

You know the world is changing and you want to be on the forefront of a wholesome change maintaining a strong appreciation of family.


Contact Me To Arrange a Free Discovery Session

your investment

choose a package

Once you know which package will work for you, simply book a Discovery Call and I will provide you with an outline of how to get started straight away.
I have very limited openings for new clients. Contact Vanessa on email with preferred package at: info(at)vanessaleblanc.com or book a Discovery Call.


3 Month Accelerator



A 3 month accelerator plan to focus on developing the vision and a pathway forward.

We will meet once a week for 1/2 hour of coaching sessions, weekly email checkins, workbook exercises & access to one emergency session. 

6 Month Dream Activator


Create and deliver a 6 month plan with a stronger focus on designing a soulful business and generating prosperity.

We will meet once a fortnight for 1/2 hour of coaching sessions, attend 2 x 1/2 day workshops, weekly email checkins, workbook exercises & access two emergency sessions.

the Frequently asked Q’s

Please feel free to ask all of your question on a free, no obligation Coaching Discovery Call by clicking the Discovery Call button and indicating a preferred time.

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How do I know if this is right for me?

If you have a desire for change that nags at you but you don’t know where to start, coaching can be the best kick start and investment you will ever make. During our Discovery Call we can determine whether this is the right fit for you.

What if I change my mind, can I receive a refund?

Refunds are assessed on a case by case basis.

Are there any guarantees?

There are no guarantees, however you will be given the tools you need to succeed in creating your business but as in all aspects of life, what you put in, you get out. 

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How Much Is Your Coaching

I have a variety of packages including 3 months & 6 months with a minimum starting price of $3000 for 3 months.  12 month packages are available upon request.

How many coaching sessions are included?

I include a 1/2hr session every week, email access, emergency sessions and intensive learning sessions.

Do you follow a set format?

I have a coaching format that works that will set you up for success.

want to know more?

Schedule a free 30 minute Discovery Call with me!

Book a Discovery Call to determine if my coaching is the right fit for you. In this session we will solve your immediate challenge and discuss ways to move forward.

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