Have you ever wondered why it is harder than ever these days to use your voice? Mankind from all corners of the Earth are encouraged to censor themselves in order to not disturb the ‘I’m offended’ culture that is brewing in our society. I use the word brewing on purpose because this reminds me of a festering boiling pot of water waiting to lash out and scorch the person who dares stand too close.

Having a personal opinion is becoming taboo. Instead, only a shared official narrative is encouraged. We now frequently see people on Facebook standing on a soapbox about an issue that is important to them, only to finish with – ‘if you don’t agree, please delete me from your list,’ rather than be open to an alternative view. When we buy into the concept that people must be quietened if they don’t share our opinion, we limit ourselves for growth. It is only through debate and alternative views that we open ourselves to new possibilities and critical thinking. Otherwise we just hand over our power to the status quo and end up silencing independent thinking.

So why is our independent thought so important anyway? It is only through independent thinking that our world can shift and change. New ideas and new opportunities can emerge to activate our inner creator. When we stop our independent thought, we stop our creations and the world becomes just a byproduct of an outdated narrative that serves outdated beliefs.

For those who do censor others, have you ever asked ‘then what?’ If I silence everyone who disagrees with me, will I then be happy? I think not. I think happiness lies within the concept of freedom. Freeing our minds, our thoughts, our creations and our voice to seek a better way for us to live. 

I strongly believe that the purpose of our lives here on earth is to create and seek joy from our creations, especially when they benefit us for future years to come.

 I ask of you, dear soul, to invest in your independent thought and your voice. Share your voice, share your opinions, share your ideas to bring about change and activate our true human potential. We have only just started discovering our true powers of creation through learning about the law of attraction and from what we already know, this is only possible through thought.

The destructive thinkers can change things very fast for us. Instead, we need more kind, considerate and thoughtful beings deciding to use their soulful thoughts to create an uplifting world where we can thrive.

Don’t let people silence your voice because it is uncomfortable for them to expand their mind. Speak your words with kindness, respect and love but above all speak, as the world is now ready for more people like you, who can make a difference and set a course for our new reality.

 Love to you all