For about 3 days I haven’t been able to shake David Bowie’s ‘Changes’ song out of my head. Today however, it had me thinking a little deeper about the lyrics ‘Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes. Turn and face the strange…..’ in relation to taking a journey towards a different version of your life.

Whenever we are called to make big change in our lives, normally by a higher version of ourselves, our first temptation is to refuse the call. This is understandable because there is a major part of us who is desperate to stay safe and comfortable in a bubble, in our ordinary world. This is the world you grew up in, clear parameters, rules and formulas to abide by.

However there is a small number of us whose souls don’t give up on calling us toward a greater vision. It gets stronger and stronger and louder and louder. A deep knowing formulates within us that we are destined to live a different life. A life that is unfamiliar and completely unknown, yet you know you have a higher purpose to fulfill.

It is scary and you will try to ignore it. It keeps nagging and nagging at you.

Then all of a sudden, something makes you take notice, a synchronicity that can’t be ignored or an opportunity that is super intriguing. This is when you are terribly afraid but everything inside of you is going to go for it anyway, even against the ‘better’ judgement of those around you. This is when you “turn and face the strange”.

Once you look, you can’t turn back. That is your first courageous action, looking in the direction of the unknown, towards the path you have just agreed to take.

In every adventurer’s journey, the first step is the hardest because you feel aloneand that is because you are. It is a very intimate agreement between your spirit and physical self and because you have free will, you are given the space to make it.

Despite being afraid and unsure, you will begin your journey towards a new type of wisdom and you will feel alone on that first step.

This step however is your first experience of growth, because although you were alone – you felt empowered. You reclaimed something within you, a dormant part of you. This is a reward for your trust.

Next, is when you will meet a guide or a mentor who will take you further down your new path, towards your higher purpose.Every step on your journey will be met with new guides, new insight and new revelations on what our wonderful and magical world is really about. That you can count on.

This story today, is to encourage you that although it is a journey into the strange, it will be worth it.  Yes, it will be scary, yes it will involve some work but the rewards will be far greater than you can imagine.

You may get stuck here and there or you may fly through it but ultimately you will find joy, peace and happiness. The only thing you will lose is your comfort zone, but essentially, that is where your life will begin.

When you turn to face the strange, you a looking at a new truth, a new version of you and quite possibly a new perspective of the world at large. This will be the most exciting adventure of your lifeand there is so much support and encouragement for those who take that leap of faith.