Most people don’t realise how powerful love can be in manifesting. It is the essential element to make your desire come to fruition in the fastest and most graceful way possible.

Love is our life force, it lifts us up to the highest planes of virtue and gives us our meaning in life. There is nothing quite like the ride of love.

When we create with love in our hearts, we can change the world as we are aligned to the human spirit. That love is far more powerful than any other process in creation. Creating without love can only lead to a reality that is deprived of love. This reality will be far less satisfying and much more limiting than one directed by love, a reality from decades of deprivation that we are seeing now.

We see the results of those deprived of love every day in positions of power, politics and leading destructive movements who feed on fear and the suppression of others. Personal attacking and creating chaos is not loving and it is not aligned to a soul’s ambition.

Happy people who feel love and give love freely, never intentionally harm anyone or anything. When someone is in the energy of love and happiness, they add value and take actions that uplift others and the world.

Imagine how different our own reality would be if we focus on the energy of love in manifesting our desires. Our goal would be very simple – to openly give and receive love by opening our heart to the beauty of everyone and everything in our world.

You can easily activate your heart to love by:

  • Spending time every day thinking about the things you love
  • Getting creative and investing your time in making things that you love
  • Offering kindness to all

Spend more time in the energy of love and positivity then in the energy of negativity, then you will reach the point where you are in a state of positive attraction. That means if you spend 51% or more of your day in positive energy- you are attracting and manifesting your desires, ones that will change your world for the better as they are immersed in your feelings of love.

My love to you all.