‘Is my colour green the same as everyone else’s colour green?’ One of my first memories of my childhood was launching this question, which set the trajectory of my life path. You see I realised the only colour green we all saw was the one the collective agreed upon, whereas in reality maybe multiple colours of green were being seen.

So this is where things get interesting, I then came to realise that every agreed object, concept and expertise only develops from an idea thought up by one individual. Then it becomes a ‘truth’ when agreed upon by the masses despite multiple versions of ideas existing. So every expert has become an expert based on an individuals idea.

After realising this, I could not possibly be comfortable just trusting any information as a concrete, solid fact or the only way to do things. In fact I often find myself thinking ’there must be a better way to do this or see the truth of this’. So  I had to develop a new way to determine what was right or at least on the right track. This is when I started to trust in and develop my intuition. I had to learn to connect to a higher intelligence and trust it was guiding me to the answers I sought. 

We are entering a period where accessing higher intelligence is a must for us to reach new levels of potential, especially as AI will compete with and interfere with our human potential. We have to up the game and become more evolved. 

Just like all the great mystics and philosophers from our past, we don’t need to read more information, we simply bypass the noise and download ideas and inspired thought from infinite intelligence. 

In order to do this, we must utilize the methods we know on a regular basis in order to access this intelligence, as follows:

  1. Trust In A Higher Intelligence

Our society is designed in such a way that we naturally close off the connection to our other so called mystical senses. You are unusual if you even believe a higher intelligence exists and if you are worried about what people think, you will often close this down to some degree to not look too strange. This conveniently keeps people stuck in a loop where innovation and new ideas rarely come in which reduces the opportunity and acceleration of growth.

When you open your mind and allow yourself to trust that there is more to the Universe than meets the eye, and not deny it to appear normal to others, then you will start to see evidence of its existence. 

  1. Ask for Guidance and Answers

Get into the habit of asking your Spirit, the Universe, God or whatever term is comfortable to you, for guidance and answers. Then you will be given the information you need at the time you need it. You may get a thought pop in your head immediately or even a week later, get information in a dream, an animal may cross your path (look up the meaning) or be directed to an answer in a strange place like a news headline that stands out or video you feel drawn to watch. Answers will always come. 

  1. Use Your Feelings As Your Guide

Your feelings help you navigate truth and falsities. When you are told information that feels right or good – then go with that. If it doesn’t feel good, there is another way to look at things that you haven’t explored yet.

Being connected and accessing higher intelligence will be what sets you apart this decade and allow you to have a smooth transition within our changing world. Otherwise you wouldn’t have been directed to read the entirety of this article.