I predict that we are going to see some very interesting changes this decade, mainly around people realising how much of our world is a complete illusion.

Previously taboo topics that delve into the mysteries of our world will come to the forefront and engage people in interesting conversations that will expand the mind and opportunity for growth.  This means more and more people will let go of their ‘freeze’ look when their beliefs are challenged and instead choose to keep an open mind. This will allow conversations flow into new areas to help ignite new ways of thinking.

I personally love to listen to new ideas and then go back to my own world to contemplate them. There are many of us who are on that journey to figure out our real history, sort through the lies, sort through the truth and what it means to the bigger picture and most importantly what reality is and maybe even why we here at all.

It’s no coincidence that we have so much information to choose from, we are simply launching questions as a collective that we seek answers to. The desire to find truth will increase and launch new questions which will take us beyond the paradigm of limited understanding that we have been experiencing for many centuries. We are entering a time where we not only want to know more, we must know more to continue in our evolution.

So in order to grow and evolve, we all need to continue asking big questions (and little questions) about our personal and collective reality, why we are here and look for the clues that are given to us in conversations. The Universe loves to work through others to give you snippets of information you are looking for as piecing the puzzle together adds some fun to life.