My Mission

Guide young women in their journey towards Motherhood early so they can manifest a family first lifestyle, raise their kids with powerful intentions and contribute to a changing world in a meaningful way.

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My Story

Vanessa LeBlanc

I’m Vanessa, I am a Law of Attraction Trainer, Soul Business & Marketing Mentor, HypnoBirthing Educator and Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultant with over 15 years experience in offering business and marketing advice.

The moment I launched the desire to have children, my life started to transform. I became very purposeful in my actions including how I brought them into the world through Homebirth supported by hypnobirthing and just as importantly, I committed to a direction on embodying motherhood to nurture and raise my family into wonderful people.
This meant I turned my back on a career or any type of business that didn’t revolve around my family. Because such a focus barely existed – I had to create it and find a way to make it work. I learnt everything I needed to learn about family wellbeing, manifesting and prosperity to develop a plan to raise our kids in a purposeful way.
I now desire to help future Mothers with their desire to do the same. With enough momentum a new movement for Mothers will begin, that will ensure we keep our children front and centre of our lives while also doing all the things we love.

Guidance System

My Values

My guidance system


I see Motherhood as a value as it guides all my decisions. It encompasses nurturing, compassion, kindness and guidance.

Personal Growth

Use every experience to grow and evolve into a more conscious, purposeful person.


Open your heart and mind to knowledge and wisdom, it is a life long journey.


Invest in your happiness each and every day and allow it to be the foundation of your life purpose.


Embrace your uniqueness as it will guide you towards a life of endless possibility and interesting conversation.