My Mission

share wisdom from my personal journey on how to live aligned to the human spirit.

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How it started

My Story – Vanessa LeBlanc

I’m Vanessa, I have been on a life long spiritual journey, enjoying exploring beyond the edge of consciousness to see the deeper meaning of life and our human potential.

I am a Law of Attraction Trainer, Soul Business & Marketing Mentor, HypnoBirthing Educator and Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultant with over 15 years experience in offering business and marketing advice.

My soul calling is to guide awakening souls to live aligned to the human spirit and manifest a new personal reality that will influence the whole.

I am here to help those who are determined to experience joy and create from a wholesome place no matter how the world changes around us. 

As an awakened collective, we are naturally being driven to become aligned to our values and use these to guide our decisions. As more of us see through the illusions of the world, the dual reality upheavals will result in more conscious choices.

During this time we will seek and support value driven people and more of us will be called to contribute in meaningful and unique ways and start shaping our lives towards joy, purpose & prosperity. This will be the creation of the parallel reality driven by those doing what they love. 

I look forward to sharing this Soulful Journey with you.

You will be amazed

My Values

My guidance system


Invest in your happiness each and every day and allow it to be the foundation of your life purpose.


Embrace your uniqueness as it will guide you towards a life of endless possibility and interesting conversation.

Personal Growth

Use every experience to grow and evolve into a more conscious, purposeful person.


Open your heart and mind to knowledge and wisdom, it is a life long journey.

Self Love

Self love and self approval as the Master keys to our success and prosperity.