Part One: Attract your Ideal Partner

Finding your ideal partner can be a little challenging at times. Your spirits are high and you have an idea of what type of relationship you want, yet you are still attracting partners that are less than ideal. You are not alone and it is almost becoming a rite of passage in our modern world to experience the ups and downs of tumultuous relationships. It isn’t fun and you have probably had enough.

I know exactly how it feels to be in this position as I have had my fair share of relationships that weren’t right for me.  When I started thinking more about what suited me rather than what I thought was out there and had to make do with, did things start to change. 

Being honest with yourself about what is really important in a relationship is the start towards attracting your ideal partner. Do you want someone who is handsome, rich and will look after you? or do you want someone who is growing and evolving, loving and caring, financially secure and will be a great Father for your children and an amazing husband. It is easy to get caught up in the outward details and leave behind the important intrinsic ones that will make a more suitable life partner. This is about YOU though, so you get to decide what is important for you.

1. First of all write yourself a list of what you don't want in a partner

This may seem counter intuitive, however by now you probably have a very good idea of what you don’t want in a relationship anymore. When you write this down, you will become very clear on what hasn’t been working for you and then we can turn it around to identify what will work. It also helps get all the negative stuff out of your system so then we can switch our focus to the positive and maintain our focus here instead. Write your don’t want list until you feel it is all out on the paper.

2. Turn everything you don't want into a 'I want list'

So now that you have a list of traits and situations you don’t want – look at each point one by one and ask yourself ‘If I don’t want this – what do I want instead?’ For example if you don’t want a partner who isn’t ready to start a family, you can identify that you want someone who is very keen to start a family. Another example may be that you don’t want a selfish partner, therefore you may want a kind and considerate partner instead.

Go down your list and change each item into your ‘I want list’. If you think of new things you want, add them too. I recommend focusing more on the instrinsic characteristics first so you establish the type of connection you want, then look at outward ones if it is important to you. When it comes to looks, you may want to be less specific and say I want someone I am attracted to, this keeps it general enough so that it still feels good. 

The main purpose of this list is getting you focused on what you do want so the Universe can bring you better prospects, it also ensures you remain feeling good about the type of person you want. 

Often we spend a lot of time focused on what went wrong in the last relationship and dread experiencing that again. Knowing that the law of attraction brings more of the same, if your focus is on the negative experience, the Universe will bring you more people that align with those negative emotions. So we need to shift to positive expectation so the Universe can bring in people that match that instead. 

Start taking notice of the new people you meet, are these people more aligned with your desires?  If they are, then this is evidence that someone ideal is on their way. 


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