Part Two: The Secret to Attract Your Ideal Partner

The Biggest Misconception About Attracting a Partner

One of the biggest misconceptions about the Law of Attraction is that you are attracting only what already exists. People do not realise that what they seek can be created due to the desire being launched.

By thinking you can only attract what exists, you limit your expectations and by default you will continue attracting a lot of what you don’t want. Take for example if you wanted some ice cream and you have this grand idea that if you combined ice cream with passionfruit it would be absolutely divine as you love both on their own so much. If however you didn’t think it was possible to have this type of ice cream as no one has done this before, then you have just denied yourself (and others) from having passionfruit flavoured ice-cream because you have stopped the creative energy through limiting its potential to be created.

The same applies to attracting your ideal partner. Many of us think that because we haven’t come across the type of man we want, that he doesn’t exist. This type of man may actually exist but let’s say for this exercise that he doesn’t exist. Once you launch a desire for this new type of man, your desire goes into the energy field and waits for another’s energy to meet and agree with its expectation. It is like a challenge waiting to be met. So when a man who is close to your description senses your desire, he becomes drawn to become closer to this expectation and thus you have a potential match. The best part is, if more women desire these same qualities in a man and set their standards higher, then the potential for more men to become like this is multiplied significantly.

You have to give people a reason to want to step up and meet new standards – in this case it would be that the man will get a match that is of higher standard (something he had desired).

Imagine if all women’s standards were a man with a good body and a nice car. Men would have zero reason to do anything else to attract a woman, their only focus would be going to the gym and earning money to buy nice cars as that is all that exists in potential in the energy field. If however all women decided at the same time to have a man who is sensitive, caring, loving, forward thinking and evolving – men would have to step up if they had a hope of attracting a woman.

Men in this example can be replaced by referring to women as the outcome is the same.

Now that you know that you can raise your standards and your expectations, the next step is to become the person who is worthy of this new type of man or woman you are seeking.

Becoming Worthy of Your Desire

This step often alludes most people however it comes down to one simple statement – if you want to attract a Prince, you must become a Princess. This does not mean changing all your physical qualities to match the movie’s version of a Princess, it simply means awakening qualities that match the person you seek. 

If we put this idea in the context of our example to attract a man who is sensitive, caring, loving, forward thinking and evolving, let’s add for fun that he must be a family man as well, than it is obvious to most of us, that this type of man would only be attracted to woman who shares similar qualities and matches his vibration. He too has his expectations which are higher due to the qualities he has.

The good news is, if you have come so far as to identify a man based on values and how he adds value to others, than you are already in the vicinity of attracting him. You just need the extra step of being the person that meets his vibration and expectations. You don’t have to change who you are, you are only allowing yourself to be the person you have always desired to become but haven’t invested the energy to be just yet. 

So if this is you, now a good time to start investing in expressing your real self. Determine what is stopping you from being the person you envision yourself to become (normally the favourite version of you) and work with it. This may involve letting go of old resentments, friendships that hold you back or beliefs that you know don’t serve you well anymore. The moment you start on awakening this, you open a window of opportunity for your ideal partner to enter your life. 

And as a bonus, simply by having an intention to attract a partner who is open minded and evolving, means you are open to the possibility of you evolving together so he can in fact come earlier.

I imagine this has given you some interesting possibilities to think about.

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