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Create a Happy and Purposeful Life  

Vanessa inspire’s women to tap into their power and create a lifestyle that offers fulfilment, a fabulous income and more quality time with their family.


 Vanessa LeBlanc is a happiness pioneer, Law of Attraction Trainer and a Money and Soul Business Coach. She guides you to add the happiness factor into your life by creating a happy and inspired life in your personal life, business life and for your family life.  She is an exceptional coach to women who desire a soul enriched business that is focused on BIG success so they have the freedom to focus on a lifestyle that makes their heart sing. She loves the inner depths of the law of attraction and weaves it into the creation of a balanced life and raising children. Vanessa ignites the magic of possibility for her clients so they can create amazing change and her message is to give yourself permission to have a happy life, create a successful business and make your impact in the world – you can do this!


FREE 30 Minute Coaching Discovery Session

Have a nervous feeling about finding a coach that gets you and can deliver? I hear you, I was exactly the same when I was looking for coach. This is why I offer a 30 Minute Coaching Discovery Session for FREE. My session allows you to get to know me and gives you kick start insights to get you started on your success journey. No obligation.

Determine if I am the right coach for you
Get to know you session
Insights into your most pressing issue
Feel comfortable knowing I can help you
Kick start your success journey

Premium Private Coaching

Create the Business that You Were Born To Lead

If you’re ready for success in your business — creating lucrative new programs, charging what you’re worth, letting go of perfectionism & overwhelm, pressing reset on your money mindset — then join me inside my Soul Business Women Private Coaching program. 

Results Focused:

Imagine creating the life of your dreams from the very essence of your soul and gain deep fulfillment from everything you do.

Imagine a prosperous business that transforms your relationship with money and gives you the freedom to buy anything that takes your fancy.

Imagine feeling as though happiness has swept through your life and shifted everything to a place that makes your heart sing

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