Learn the Art of Manifesting to create

A New Way of Being

Vanessa teaches soulful women to create a simpler lifestyle aligned to our human spirit offering fulfillment, prosperity, happiness, natural living and quality time with your family.

A wholistic approach to manifesting.

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Ready to live your life aligned to your human spirit and apply manifesting to your journey?

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Through this Soulful Pathway, Vanessa will teach you the Art of Manifesting a new personal reality which has the power to shape the world we want ourselves and our children to live. 

This is a wholistic and spiritual approach to manifesting and living life naturally. 


Join My Soulful Pathway to a New Way of Being

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Courses for Soulful Women

  • Learn to the Art of Manifesting
  • Activate your Prosperity Mindset
  • Create a vision for your life
  • Create a Soulful Business
  • Be in a state of positive attraction
  • Live a happy & purposeful life

Access to Raising Little Visionaries Course

 Course for Parents

  • Nurture your child’s natural manifesting ability 
  • Create your ideal family life
  • Raise an independent thinker
  • Develop a culture of feelings

Included in Your Membership

This and Much More

  • Beautiful Workbooks and Exercises
  • Learn straight away so that you get results.
  • Loads of bonuses
  • Like-Minded Community with a focus on forming uplifting friendships on your manifesting journey


Join the Movement Towards a New Way of Being

A new dream is stirring, a dream where we are living joyful and inspired lives that are aligned to our human spirit.

We see ourselves creating a lifestyle that is simpler, happy and purposeful. We have let go of ‘busy’ and instead we are investing in a new culture and way of life that brings ourselves and our children closer to our natural state embracing our spiritual self. This is a New Way of Being.

Take control of your destiny and take one small step forward by working with me to create a full and happy life. Start by joining my Soulful Women Facebook Group for women who are interested in a wholistic and spiritual approach to manifesting and living life naturally. 

You Will Get Results

Vanessa offers a wholistic approach to creating a simpler, happy and purposeful life. She focuses on 7 pillars in manifesting, so that you can create a life that is fulfilling and naturally aligned to your spirit.

When you take one of Vanessa’s courses, not only are you powerfully transforming your life and how you think, you are also joining the movement towards a New Way of Being that will shape our future.

A New Way of Being – 7 Pillars:

Happiness . Lifestyle & Wellbeing . Powerful Thought . Prosperity . Soulful Business . Natural Living . Loving Family Life (including raising Little Visionaries).


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