The Soulful Pathway to New Way of Being 


An all inclusive Membership to manifest a happy, simpler and more purposeful life aligned to your human spirit.

Ready to live your life aligned to your human spirit and apply manifesting to your journey?

Become a Member to gain immediate access to a whole range of courses that will kick start a New Way of Being. Create your ideal lifestyle, attract your deepest desires, discover your purpose, start a Soulful Business doing what you love and free up your time to enjoy life.

You will also have access to my signature course Little Visionaries.

This Membership has it all and is the soulful pathway to a New Way of Being. Many new courses are added regularly throughout your Membership and you will be invited to ongoing group coaching calls to give you extra guidance on your journey and access to a like-minded community.

This is a wholistic and spiritual approach to manifesting

and living life naturally. 

Why this Membership is for you:

You keep thinking that there must be a better way to live that allows you to experience more joy everyday

You want to have happiness and joy throughout your future no matter how the world changes around you

You want to activate your prosperity consciousness and attract wealth in a spiritually aligned and natural way

You dream of starting a Soulful Business to earn money to support your ideal lifestyle and seek an easy pathway to make it happen

You want to work from home and be in control of where you invest your energy

You are tired of the striving and struggle and want an easy pathway to a simpler, happy and prosperous life

You crave spending more time with your family and loved ones and do the things you love

You are parent who is seeking a heart-aligned and spiritual way to raise your children

You have been inspired by the law of attraction and want to teach your children how to use it in their lives and create a prosperous future

If this is YOU then it is time to get excited and live the life you were destined to lead. A new reality has emerged and you can be part of the movement to decide what it is going to look like. This Membership will provide you with all the resources you need to take control of your destiny.
I am thrilled to invite you into my Membership to manifest A New Way of Being for you and your family.

If you are seeking a soulful pathway to manifest happy and purposeful life, join now without waiting another day.

Explore the Courses

Here is a sneak peak at the courses included in your Membership.

New Courses are added regularly to help you expand and raise your vibration.

Learn the Art of Manifesting

Are you ready to learn the entire Art of Manifesting? We’ll walk through the process of getting clear on your desires using the principles of the law of attraction. 

Activate Your Prosperity Mindset

Awaken your Prosperity Mindset and use it to create a prosperous, happy life. You’ll discover how prosperity is all a state of mind.

Vision for a Happy and Purposeful Life

We use the tools and techniques of Manifesting to develop your complete vision for your own version of a simpler, happy and purposeful life.

Create a Soulful Business

Support your ideal lifestyle by creating a business that you’ll love which will allow you to spend more time doing what you enjoy and spending quality time with friends and family.

How to Soar

Gain real insights into the deeper meaning of complex situations and challenges so you can make new, authentically powerful and aligned choices. Plus be aligned with happiness to feel ‘alive’.

Gift of Happiness

I’ll provide you with seven insights on how to experience more Happiness in life that you can start applying straight away.

Raising Little Visionaries

This course helps you to nurture your child’s natural manifesting ability. You will create your ideal family life, set a foundation for your Little Visionary and a way of life.

Create Your Ideal Family Life

  • Release limiting beliefs on what is possible in your life
  • Create an ideal lifestyle 
  • Create your family values
  • Be empowered in your role as a parent 

Discover the Soul Essence of Your Child

  • Discover and nurture your child’s soul essence and unique brilliance
  • Techniques for understanding and flowing with your child’s personality
  • Working with their Emotional Guidance System

Create a Foundation for Your Little Visionary

  • Establishing a Little Visionary Mindset
  • Purity of thought and importance of thought
  • Nature Play
  • Acceptance of differences
  • Big Dreams, big possibilities


Little Visionary Way of Life

  • Culture of Feelings
  • Blessings and Gratitude
  • Anticipate Good Things
  • Everyday Learning & Communication
  • Awakened Talents
  • Self Love and Uplifting Others
  • Completing the Little Visionary Mindset

Little Visionary Activities

Take a look at what we’ll cover:

  • Man’s Destiny
  • Positive Talk
  • Visualisation and Imaginary Play
  • Nature Play
  • Speeding up thought

BONUS Module: Conscious Conception and Birth

Take a look at what we’ll cover:

  • Life begins with thought
  • Conscious conception
  • Preparation for birth – physical, emotional and spiritual
  • Baby’s arrival 

Additional Little Visionary Bonuses

  • Little Visionary Cheat Sheet
  • Emotional Freedom Technique Demonstration

Hello there….

I’m Vanessa LeBlanc

I know how it feels to be stuck waiting and waiting for the life you know you were meant to live, to start. It wasn’t until I took control of my destiny and learned a soulful approach to the art of manifesting that life changed for me…

After much soul searching, learning and contemplation I’ve figured out how to:

  • Live life aligned to our human spirit
  • Developed a better way to live
  • Raise my children in a more natural and intuitive way.
  • Apply my passion to a Soul Business so that I have more time with my family and doing what I love

I created this Membership to teach others my methods on how to create their own New Way of Being.


Powerful Outcomes

Your dream is to make a diference in your life and inspire others. You want to get into the zone of being happy, joyful and creative so you feel alive and can help shape a bright and uplifting future. 

What you are seeking now is for the puzzle pieces to fall into place so you can create your ideal lifestyle now without waiting another day.

If you are a parent, you want your child to have a happy and prosperous future no matter how the world changes around them. By naturally developing their manifesting skills and ability to think independently, you will give your child the tools to create their own happy and pursposeful lives and contribute in meaningful ways as they grow.

 Here is a peek at what life looks like once you become a Member: 


You have a powerful vision for your life and clarity on exactly how you want to live

You know how to feel happy everyday and how to remain in a state of positive attraction

You have awakened your true soul's path, your passion and your purpose

You have awakened a Soulful Business that gives you the financial freedom you crave

You have a strong prosperity mindset and all the resources, opportunities and wealth you desire flow naturally to you

You are happy, joyous and inspiring to be around and you attract uplifting people and conversations

PLUS – Members get access to Raising Little Visionaries

By naturally developing inyour child’s manifesting skills and ability to think independently, you will give your child the tools to create their own happy and pursposeful lives and contribute in meaningful ways as they grow.

Here’s just a peek at the powerful outcomes that you and your child can receive:

Learn and embrace the Art of Manifesting in all aspects of life

Empowered to create a family lifestyle that embraces love, happiness and joy

An independent thinker with unique ideas who can become a positive contributor

Prosperity mindset and uplifting others will become a way of life

Ability to attract relationships that are fulfilling, interesting and uplifting

Gain a deep connection to nature

Acceleration of creative thought

Realisation that there are endless possibilities in the world to dream big and bring it to fruition

If you are ready to be the primary positive influence in your child’s life, than this is the course for you.

Yes, I’m ready to start my journey to a New Way of Being. 

    Your Membership Includes access to:

    The Art of Manifesting - State of Attraction and Manifesting Magic

    Miracle Breakthrough

    Prosperity Mindset

    Vision for a Simpler, Happy and Purposeful Life

    Branding With Archetypes® Assessment

    Niche Breakthrough Secrets®

    Access to Little Visionaries Online Course

    Create the Ideal Family Life

    Discover the Soul Essence of Your Child

    Create the Foundation for Your Little Visionary

    Little Visionary Mode de Vie (Way of Life)


    Bonus - Discover Your Passion and Purpose Questionnaire

    Bonus - Gift of Happiness

    Bonus: Module Conscious Conception and Birth

    Bonus: Emotional Freedom Technique Demonstration

    Bonus: Everyday Cheat Sheet

    Bonus: Exclusive invitations to Group Coaching Calls and Additional Bonuses

    Beautiful workbooks and exercises

    PLUS - automatic access to the Friendship Circle coming soon

    You will receive all this and more courses as they come online. That is why I am thrilled to invite you to join my New Way of Being Membership.

      Fun and Inspirational Step by Step Process

      Can you afford to wait any longer to start living your happy and prosperous life, remaining at the whim of whatever life and our society throws at you?

      My signature systems have been designed to empower you to reclaim your destiny in a very easy and simplified way. I provide a step by step process towards creating your ideal life and Soul Business while removing all the typical obstacles people experience in manifesting due to my spiritual and wholistic approach.

      For parents – In an ever changing world, do we want to continue handing our children over to strangers who become the predominant influence on their beliefs and their future? When you join my course, you take the reigns on shaping your children’s lives to be happy, prosperous and purposeful and you will experience your own powerful transformation along the way.

      This will be a life changing experience for you and I will give you all the support you need.

      Yes, I’m ready!

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      $470 billed once per year. Save $94

      If you are seeking a soulful pathway to manifest happy and purposeful life, enroll now without waiting another day.

      I am so confident that you will receive the powerful inspiration that you seek, that I am offering a 30 day 100% money back guarantee. There is absolutely no risk to you to join this Membership today.


      Want to know more or have a specific question?

      If your question isn’t listed please feel free to contact us below.

      How much does it cost to be a member?

      It is $47 per month or if you pay an annual payment upfront of $470 you will save $94.

      Can I cancel at anytime?

      Yes you can cancel at anytime if it doesn’t meet your expectations. However I would love you to stay!

      Can I get a refund if it isn't what I expected?

      Yes, I offer a 30 day money back guarentee if you find it has no value for you. Simply request your refund.

      Do I need to know anything in advance to take the courses?

      No, I provide all the knowledge, tools and techniques to make powerful change. More courses will be added throughout your membership to provide a unique and up to date membership experience.

      What makes your courses different to others that are offered?

      My courses offer a wholistic and spiritual apprach to manifesting so that all aspects of life are considered and you gain fulfilment on all levels. I also focus on developing like-minded friendships for Members.

      Do you guarantee a transformative experience?

      If you follow the course and apply the techniques you will get great results. Just by being in the energy of the courses, you will raise your vibration into a state of positive attraction.

      I really want help to start my business, does this membership provide this?

      The current course offer is dedicated to kick starting a soulful business. The good news is that many more courses are in the pipeline to further your creation in a soulful way.

      Still have questions?

      Get in touch to have all your questions answered.