Vanessa LeBlanc

Law of Attraction Trainer

Guiding people to live their own unique Happy and Inspired Life.

My Vision

It is my vision that the world evolves into a place where people are experiencing happiness every day. We surround ourselves with people and conversations that are uplifting and inspiring and most importantly we are living a meaningful life without sacrificing what is important to us.  We raise our children to be empowered creators who are in control of their destiny. I am committed to developing an easy pathway to this new reality and you are most likely here because you share this vision and you want to make an impact.

About Me

I am on a life long spiritual journey and enjoy adding an essence of happy into everything I do.  Plus I love exploring beyond the edge of consciousness to see the deeper meaning of life and our creative ability.

My Quirks: I read and write at the speed of light and have a freakishly accurate understanding of what makes people tick and what drives them to do what they do (or not do). I provide insights into the deeper meaning of life and its complex situations and use this knowledge to help people create a happy and inspired life from the essence of their soul. 

My Loves: my children, my husband, chocolate, fine tea sets and having a lovely home and garden. I consider myself an image alchemist and an explorer of the deeper mysteries of life. I surround myself with beautiful things and most of all I enjoy a good love story.


My Values 


Invest in your happiness each and every day and allow it to be the foundation of your life purpose.


Embrace your uniqueness as it will guide you towards a life of endless possibility and interesting conversation.


Open your heart and mind to knowledge and wisdom, it is a life long journey.


All your dreams come true once you believe in the power of possibility.

Personal Growth

Use every experience to grow and evolve into a more conscious, purposeful person.

 Official Bio

Vanessa is a creative thinker, Law of Attraction Trainer,  Soul Business & Marketing Mentor and Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultant.   

Vanessa guides soulful people to create a lifestyle that gives them happiness, prosperity, natural living, fulfillment and joy.   

She is a champion for people who seek a better way to live, and helps them manifest their new personal reality which has the power to shape the world we want ourselves and our children to live in.  

Vanessa invites you to join the movement towards a new way of being. 

 YES, YES and YES! 


My Call to a Higher Purpose

In my old life, I was always waiting for my destiny to drop at my feet and say ‘here I am, now you can start living the life were meant to live’. After a period of soul searching and unravelling I finally had my epiphany – if I want to live a higher purpose, I had to take control of my own destiny and make change happen and that is what I did.

This decision changed my entire life. I let go of limiting beliefs, reclaimed my independent thought, uncovered truth and knowledge, delved into deeper and spiritual levels of manifesting, accessed super levels of creativity and powerful thought and started developing a vision and blueprint for a better way to live, a happy way to live including a philosophy for raising children in a more natural and intuitive way.

I direct much of my creative energy towards being a soulful entrepreneur who is ready to help people, who are just like the old me before I changed.They want to access their full human creative potential and invest in a New Way of Being that is 100% aligned to their human spirit and happiness. People who know they are destined for more but feel weary to make big change or simply don’t know how to make it happen. They can make it happen, they just need someone who has walked in their shoes to show them how and that someone is me.

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