Official Bio

Vanessa LeBlanc is a Creative Thinker and Transformational Mentor who teaches people the art of creating a happy and inspired life from a conscious level.  

She works with people who want to manifest higher potential outcomes through a deeper understanding of the Law of Attraction and other spiritual teachings. She also provides support for those on a healing and wellbeing journey who are pursuing alternative paths to wellness.

After spending numerous years on a spiritual discovery and gaining a deeper understanding of the law of attraction,  Vanessa unlocked the secret to manifesting more in her life just by tapping into the simplicity of being her favourite version of herself and activating her own unique path aligned to her heart and soul.

Vanessa now shares these secrets with people around the world so they can discover their own unique path and shift to their new inspired life line that embraces all aspects of spiritual, emotional and physical wellbeing.

Vanessa is a vibrant, happy and lighthearted person and you will enjoy working with her to make a real transformation in your life. You will benefit from her guidance to discover your true purpose and become the creator you were destined to be, which she believes is the real purpose of our lives. 

Vanessa’s vision is for both adults and children to learn the art of creating a happy and inspired life aligned with their heart and spirit. She welcomes you to join this transformational journey to co-create a beautiful world. 

..and direct from Me

It is my vision that the world evolves into a place where people are experiencing joy every day. We surround ourselves with people and conversations that are uplifting and inspiring and most importantly we are able to pursue our passions. We raise our children to do things for the love of it and co-create a wonderful world for our future. 

My Loves: my children, my husband, chocolate, fine tea sets and having a lovely home and garden. I consider myself a romantic, I surround myself with beautiful things and most of all I enjoy a good love story. I am very passionate about alternative healing to remain aligned to a path of both spiritual and physical wellbeing.

My Values: Authenticity, Growth, Wisdom, Joy and Adding Value.

Overall I really enjoy helping and inspiring people to dream big and use the law of attraction to add value to our lives.

P.S. I thank my husband for being my mentor as he is the most inspiring Visionary that I know.