Online course for parents to raise 


 Empowering your children to create their own unique path in life. Join me in this one of a kind online course on how to raise children to understand the Art of Manifesting to create their Happy lives.


 Soulful Parents: Ready to nurture your child’s natural manifesting abilities so they can create happy and purposeful lives?

I’m going to show you a powerful way to transform your life as a parent so you can pass on valuable inspiration and knowledge to your children. You will learn how to set a foundation for raising your children with the law of attraction and shift your thinking about your role as a parent.


You are parent who is seeking a heart-aligned and spiritual way to raise your children

You worry about the external and societal influences on your child right now and how that may impact your child's future

You want your children to have happiness and joy throughout their future no matter how the world changes around them

You have been inspired by the law of attraction and want to teach your children how to use it in their lives and create a prosperous future

You place importance on your child growing up to be an independent thinker and positive contributor

You seek to nurture your child’s unique path to happiness by honoring their unique brilliance and soul essence

You want your children to be purposeful creators in their life and grow up to be empowered

You feel inspired to be a part of a movement to create a new way of being for you and your family

If this is YOU, then you are ready to attend this powerful and unique course to explore the magic of possibility while raising your Little Visionary.

Powerful Outcomes

As a parent, you want your child to have a happy and prosperous future no matter how the world changes around them. By naturally developing their manifesting skills and ability to think independently, you will give your child the tools to create their own happy and pursposeful lives and contribute in meaningful ways as they grow.

Here’s just a peek at the powerful outcomes that you and your child can receive from this course:

Learn and embrace the Art of Manifesting in all aspects of life

Empowered to create a lifestyle that embraces love, happiness and joy

An independent thinker with unique ideas who can become a positive contributor

Prosperity mindset and uplifting others will become a way of life

Ability to attract relationships that are fulfilling, interesting and uplifting

Gain a deep connection to nature

Acceleration of creative thought

Realisation that there are endless possibilities in the world to dream big and bring it to fruition

That’s why I know you are going to love this Little Visionaries Online Course. If you are ready to be the primary positive influence in your child’s life, than this is the course for you.

A New Philosophy for A New Way of Being

Long before I had children, I had a vision to raise my children to be happy, joyful and independent. Then once I had my first child, I realised that most ideas around raising children did not resonate with me as they didn’t feel whole and complete.  I put the question out in the Universe about whether there was a better way.

This is when I was drawn to the Ringing Cedars of Russia and Transurfing. After much contemplation and soul searching on these topics, I designed a new philosophy around these concepts along with my own new thought and named it Little Visionaries.

This course is designed to help you:

  • Encourage children how to think independently and speed up their thought rather than tell them what to think
  • Nurture your children’s natural abilities and unique brilliance
  • Give your children life long skills that will shape their own happy lives and also the world around them

I now invite parents to join me on this journey to raise empowered Little Visionaries and take back the reigns on giving your children a happy and creative childhood based on your family values. 

Ready to bring a new generation of independent thinkers into our world and reshape our future?

Here is what is inside this Little Visionaries Online Course:

Module One: Create the Ideal Family Life

Are you ready to transform how you see your family life? We’ll walk through the process of getting clear on your desires for your family using the principles of the law of attraction. 

Take a look at what we’ll cover:

  • Release limiting beliefs on what is possible in your life
  • Create an ideal lifestyle for your family
  • Create your family values
  • Be empowered in your role as a parent

Module Two: Discover the Soul Essence of Your Child

Each child has their own unique brilliance.

Take a look at what we’ll cover:

  • Discover and nurture your child’s soul essence and unique brilliance 
  • Techniques for understanding and flowing with your child’s personality
  • Working with their Emotional Guidance System

Module Three: Create a Foundation for Your Little Visionary

Set a foundation for your child to embrace the law of attraction in all aspects of their life. 

Take a look at what we’ll cover: 

  • Establishing a Little Visionary Mindset
  • Purity of thought and importance of thought
  • Nature Play
  • Acceptance of differences
  • Big Dreams, big possibilities

    Module Four: Little Visionary Mode de Vie (Way of Life)

    Create a new way of being for your child so their life embraces joy and happiness.

    Take a look at what we’ll cover:

    • Culture of Feelings
    • Blessings and Gratitude
    • Anticipate Good Things
    • Everyday Learning & Communication
    • Awakened Talents
    • Self Love and Uplifting Others
    • Completing the Little Visionary Mindset

        Module Five: Activities

        Immerse yourself in some fun activities to cement your learning.

        Take a look at what we’ll cover:

        • Man’s Destiny
        • Positive Talk
        • Visualisation and Imaginary Play
        • Nature Play
        • Speeding up thought
            Plus, these additional BONUSES makes this course even more perfect for you:

            BONUS Module: Conscious Conception and Birth

            Take a look at what we’ll cover:

            • Life begins with thought
            • Conscious conception
            • Preparation for birth – physical, emotional and spiritual
            • Baby’s arrival

                BONUS: Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Demonstration

                EFT Demonstration to use for your family life to release blocks and negative emotions

                    BONUS: Little Visionary Everyday Cheat Sheet

                    Little reminders to keep you on your path for raising a Little Visionary

                          BONUS: Invitation to Little Visionary Events and Additional Bonuses

                          Receive exclusive invitations to Little Visionaries special events and additional bonuses and be part of a growing Little Visionary parenting community.

                                Yes, I’m ready to start my journey to raise empowered children who can create a happy and inspired life. 

                                  Your Little Visionaries Online Course Includes:

                                  Create the Ideal Family Life valued at $300

                                  Discover the Soul Essence of Your Child valued at $300

                                  Create the Foundation for Your Little Visionary valued at $400

                                  Little Visionary Mode de Vie valued at $300


                                  Bonus: Module Conscious Conception and Birth valued at $200

                                  Bonus: Emotional Freedom Technique Demonstration

                                  Bonus: Everyday Cheat Sheet

                                  Bonus: Exclusive invitations to Little Visionaries Special Events and Additional Bonuses valued at $300

                                  Beautiful workbooks and exercises valued at $300

                                  I am thrilled to invite you to attend this unique Little Visionaries Online Course which includes over $1500 in value.

                                    Fun and Inspirational Step by Step Process

                                    My signature system will provide you with a fun and inspirational step by step process to empower you to raise your child as a Little Visionary. You will have all the support you need on your journey including a like minded connected community. 

                                    In an ever changing world, do we want to continue handing our children over to strangers who become the predominant influence on their beliefs and their future? When you join my course, you take the reigns on shaping your children’s lives to be happy, prosperous and purposeful and you will experience your own powerful transformation along the way.


                                    Yes, I’m ready!
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