Ages ago, before becoming the person I am now, the biggest crow I have ever seen flew up 9 stories of the office building and repeatedly tapped its beak on my window like a mad bird. I knew in my bones that it was a sign that big change was on its way.

I refused the call to take change into my own hands and as a result change was thrust upon me and my life went into turmoil and confusion about what I was doing in my career and my life.

I started studying all things energetic and spiritual and it wasn’t until I had a vivid dream to go to Russia, that I quit my well-paying job to figure out the purpose of my life, despite people thinking I was crazy or worse, ‘extremely brave’.

My life changed. I met my husband-to-be on day 2 of the trip, travelled to amazing spiritual places, had many weird and strange experiences and lived between Canada and Australia while I unraveled the confusion.

Then just like that, I had an epiphanyI need to take control of my own destiny and stop leaving it the hands of the Universe to decide.This decision changed my entire life – I let go of limiting beliefs, reclaimed my independent thought, uncovered truth and knowledge, learnt how to manifest, delved into deeper and spiritual levels of manifesting, accessed super levels of creativity and powerful thought and started developing a vision and blueprint for a better way to live, a happy way to live including a philosophy for raising children in a more natural and intuitive way.

My life began here. Everything before then, was someone else’s life, someone else’s formula for living. I called myself into action and transformed into a person who is living a life aligned to my spirit and established a connection to all that is. I now consider myself a purposeful creator.

I direct much of my creative energy towards being a soulful entrepreneur who is ready to help people, who are just like the old me before I changed.They want to access their full human creative potential and invest in a New Way of Being that is 100% aligned to their human spirit and happiness. People who know they are destined for more but feel weary to make big change or simply don’t know how to make it happen. They can make it happen, they just need someone who has walked in their shoes to show them how and that someone is me. 


I created my soulful pathway to a New Way of Being in the form of membership to solve that one simple question you have – Are we destined for more?

YES – I know you are destined for more, we all are and I know you can have a happier life. There is a better way to live, aligned to our human spirit in order to thrive.

I created my courses to give others an easy pathway towards that amazing change you seek. Within your membership I take you through a journey where you learn the art of manifesting, develop your prosperity mindset to attract wealth and opportunities into your life, I help you awaken your soul business so you have a way to support your ideal lifestyle and have more free time and I also give you the tools you need to overcome the typical manifesting challenges that keep people stuck! It’s a formula for living an inspired life.

Not only that, I included my Little Visionaries course for parents to nurture their child’s natural manifesting ability so they too can create happy and purposeful lives as they grow too.

I invite you to join ths Membershipto ignite your journey towards a New Way of Being.