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Learn the art of manifesting to create a simpler, happy and purposeful life from the essence of your soul in this powerful online course. Manifest your wildest dreams and ignite the magic of possibility.


I am so excited to present my Happy Everything Online Course. You will learn the Art of Manifesting to create amazing change and experience the happiness you deserve in all areas of your life.

This Program is perfect if:

You want to learn the art of manifestation to attract your deepest desires

You want to experience happiness all throughout your day and let go of the emotions that keep you from creating your ideal life

You would like to simplify your life as deep down you know there is a better way to live

You have a desire to experience more magic every day

You are tired of investing energy in other people's dreams and would prefer to start creating your own new reality

You know deep down inside that it is time to discover your passion and purpose in life

You want to support your ideal lifestyle by creating a Soul Business that you'll love that speaks to your heart and spirit

You crave spending more time with your family and loved ones and taking time to do the things you love

You would love to have a strong Prosperity Mindset so you can attract more of what you desire

You want to gain deeper insights into the whispers of your heart and soul so you can follow your own unique path and remain connected with spirit, who will help you along the way

If this is something YOU can get excited about, then you are ready to let the fun begin, because this course is full of fun and magic!

Join me in my HAPPY EVERYTHING Online Course so I can support you in your transformational journey.

The Art of Manifesting

Part One & Two: State of Attraction and Manifesting Magic

Are you ready to learn the entire Art of Manifesting? We’ll walk through the process of getting clear on your desires using the principles of the law of attraction. 

Take a look at what we’ll cover:

  • Get into a State of Attraction so you can become a magnet for your desires
  • Create an unshakeable ‘Manifesting State of Mind’
  • Create your new, empowering story about your life so you can begin making changes within yourself and powerfully claim your destiny
  • Begin discovering whether it is your heart or mind that is leading you and why it matters

Miracle Breakthrough

Don’t believe in miracles? Now you will.  

Take a look at what we’ll coach on: 

  • Know that miracles happen
  • Open the door to possibility that it could easily happen for you
  • Get you out of tricky situations


Prosperity Mindset 

Awaken your Prosperity Mindset and use it to prosperous, happy life. You’ll discover how prosperity is all a state of mind.

We’ll cover:

  • What money has to do with prosperity and what the game is all about.
  • Looking at abundance through the eyes of a hologram
  • Develop your Prosperity Mantra

Vision for Simpler, Happy and Purposeful Life

We use the tools and techniques of Manifesting to develop your complete vision for your own version of a simpler, happy and purposeful life.

We’ll go through: 

  • Practical exercises to create your vision
  • Put a powerful new vision together to guide your actions and experiences

Create a Soul Business That You’ll Love

Support your ideal lifestyle by creating a business that you’ll love which will allow you to spend more time doing what you enjoy and spending quality tie with friends and family.

BONUS: Discover Your Passion and Purpose Questionnaire


Part One: Branding With Archetypes®

There’s a unique part of you that many people mistakenly believe they have to hold back to start a business – however this is the key to creating a successful business that you’ll love. In this module you’ll discover your Brand Archetype, which unlocks the powerful, instantly recognizable presence within you that’s a client-attraction and opportunity magnet.

Take a look at what we’ll cover:

  • Discover your Brand Archetype,which perfectly captures your spirit, personality and passion, transforming YOU into an authentic brand you can instantly use to launch this exciting new direction in your business
  • Confidently choose your website designand images, write attention- getting emails, sales copy and marketing material (even if you’re not a writer!)
  • Identify your unique brilliance and use it as a powerful catalyst for focusing your gifts and talents on your most profitable actions

Part Two: Niche Breakthrough Secrets®

Are you ready to discover your authentic, lucrative niche so that you can attract and keep more ideal clients?Revealing your niche is surprisingly easy with the simple steps I’ll walk you through.  

Take a look at what we’ll cover: 

  • Quickly get out of “niche overwhelm” so you can start attracting new clients with freedom, clarity and confidence
  • Reveal your most lucrative niche (it’s often hidden gold and I’ll coach you through an exciting process to discover it so you can rapidly begin increasing your income and open up new opportunities to thrive)
  • Instantly determine if your niche is “hot or not”, saving you time and effort so you can achieve your goals this year
  • Create an authentic marketing message (you’ll love the template I’ll walk you through that teases out the right words for you to use)

Bonus: Gift of Happiness

I’ll provide you with seven insights on how to experience more Happiness in life.

Bonus: How to Soar


This Bonus Section will help you gain a fresh perspective and overcome manifesting challenges.

We’ll cover:

  • Real insights into the deeper meaning of complex situations and challenges
  • See challenging situations from a deeper meaning perspective so you can make new, authentically powerful and aligned choices
  • Be aligned with happiness to feel ‘alive’ 


    Your Happy Everything Online Course Includes:


    Unlimited Email exchanges valued at $1000

    The Art of Manifesting valued at $2000

    Miracle Breakthrough valued at $100

    Prosperity Mindset valued at $497

    Branding With Archetypes® valued at $500

    Niche Breakthrough Secrets® valued at $500

    Beautiful Client Exercise Handouts valued at $500

     Plus, these additional BONUSES make this coaching program even more perfect for you

    Bonus - Discover Your Passion and Purpose Questionnaire

    Bonus - Gift of Happiness

    Bonus - How to Soar

    Over $5000 in value in your Coaching Program


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