Creating a New Way of Being in a Time of Uncertainty

We are in a time when we are facing two emerging realities. One is a course set by destructive thought which is leading us to, well, you know where. A place where our society lacks fundamental values, our unique perspectives are censored and our way of life is completely misaligned with our human spirit.

The other reality is also forming now.  We are dreaming of a better world and a new vision is forming. This is a world where we are aligned with our human spirit. However, if you truly want to be part of this new reality, we, as a group, have to actively take part in creating it.

You wouldn’t be blamed if you are feeling a little tired at the thought of it, but is it really that hard? Considering that our current society template was formed by a bunch old mates long ago which is based on fear, one must consider that a vision formed with love in our hearts would be a million times more powerful to bring into fruition. So we must stop feeding the dream of destructive thinkers and feed the dream of loving souls.

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2020 Can Be Your Best Year Yet and an Amazing Start to the Decade

It is our choice to make 2020 the best year yet and the best decade to come and I couldn’t think of a better intention. There are going to be a load of changes coming in the next 10 years and a split in realities so it is up to us to take the reins, set the tone and create ripples of change in our favour so we can choose the path that is more aligned to our human spirit.

My intention in 2020 is to step into powerful creative and manifesting energy to bring some new lifestyle projects and dreams into fruition including welcoming in a new little life into the world in the first quarter, which our family is very excited about.

I am certainly in the festive mood and 2020 mood so I would love to share some easy ways that you too can use to kick start the year ahead on a positive note:

1. Reflect on 2019 to clear the way for a positive year ahead

These questions will help you reflect on what worked and what didn’t in 2019 and how to do things differently next year.

When you think back to the start of 2019, did you manage to achieve the goals or projects you had set for yourself? Did you take a step toward them? If not what stopped you?

Who can you thank for supporting you or inspiring you throughout the year? Giving thanks to these people either in person or in spirit will generate even more positive energy for the coming year.

What issues and challenges came up throughout the year? Now is a good time to work on clearing these issues so they don’t come up again next year. You can do this through a simple clearing technique such as EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique). Clear, clear, clear and then you are ready to go into a new decade with a fresh perspective.  As a recommendation check out Carol Look for all things EFT as I really like her work.

2. Set the feeling for 2020?

What do you intend your predominant feeling to be throughout 2020? Place this where you will see it every day.

3. Set your top Goals for 2020.

Set the intention that you will achieve 5 of your top goals in 2020 including at least one dedicated to your ideal lifestyle. Place the goals where you will see them every day. Commit to taking action steps towards these such as simply starting the project, learning a new skill, taking a course, changing a habit, changing your mindset and so on.

4. Write a diary in 2020 to highlight your journey towards manifesting these goals

You never know, one day you may be able to turn this into a book or a series of articles so you can inspire others in their journey. At the very least you are recoding evidence that you CAN achieve your desires.

5. Invest in creativity

Find your special creative pursuit. The more creative you are, the more love you generate from what you are doing and then more heart centred creative ideas come in. It is a wonderful cycle of giving and momentum towards positivity and happiness.

This is the decade that everything can change and will change in varying directions, you just need to decide whether you are an observer or an active participant and driver towards the change you want to see. My best it, if you are reading this, then your spirit is giving you the prompt to get ready, set and go towards wonderful year.


Creating Without Love Leads to a Reality Deprived of Love

Most people don’t realise how powerful love can be in manifesting. It is the essential element to make your desire come to fruition in the fastest and most graceful way possible.

Love is our life force, it lifts us up to the highest planes of virtue and gives us our meaning in life. There is nothing quite like the ride of love.

When we create with love in our hearts, we can change the world as we are aligned to the human spirit. That love is far more powerful than any other process in creation. Creating without love can only lead to a reality that is deprived of love. This reality will be far less satisfying and much more limiting than one directed by love, a reality from decades of deprivation that we are seeing now.

We see the results of those deprived of love every day in positions of power, politics and leading destructive movements who feed on fear and the suppression of others. Personal attacking and creating chaos is not loving and it is not aligned to a soul’s ambition.

Happy people who feel love and give love freely, never intentionally harm anyone or anything. When someone is in the energy of love and happiness, they add value and take actions that uplift others and the world.

Imagine how different our own reality would be if we focus on the energy of love in manifesting our desires. Our goal would be very simple – to openly give and receive love by opening our heart to the beauty of everyone and everything in our world.

You can easily activate your heart to love by:

  • Spending time every day thinking about the things you love
  • Getting creative and investing your time in making things that you love
  • Offering kindness to all

Spend more time in the energy of love and positivity then in the energy of negativity, then you will reach the point where you are in a state of positive attraction. That means if you spend 51% or more of your day in positive energy- you are attracting and manifesting your desires, ones that will change your world for the better as they are immersed in your feelings of love.

My love to you all.


Not attracting money despite your biggest efforts? This is the reason why

We have reached a point now where everyone is obsessed with the law of attraction in relation to money. Is this a good thing? Before we develop a clear answer to that questions, let’s put the spotlight on money itself.

Money is an object, it is a means to getting what you want. It is only charged with emotion when we think of it as the barrier between where we are and where we want to go.

Money has no energy itself, however it is an object that can lead you to achieving your desires. Very much like an egg from a chicken, the eggs are often used to create something else like cakes or biscuits. We don’t sit there trying to manifest a bunch of eggs for cooking, we just focus on the cake we want to eat. When you imagine the cake, eating it and how wonderful it tastes, then you have just created a heart connection and you feel inspired to the pathway to make the cake. The eggs themselves will become available for you to make the cake as they exist in abundance.

The same process occurs with money, focusing on the outcome of what you want to buy with the money (not the money itself), connects your heart with your real desire and an amazing pathway will open up for you to get what you want.

This is why I focus on lifestyle in the process of creation. I believe the number one reason we want money is to improve our lifestyle. We can get caught up in a lot of nonsense about what we want to buy with money but once again these are objects, with no energy. What really makes our heart sing is where we live, who we perceive ourselves to be and what we do with our lives to create and contribute. These are are true focus areas in life and even our needs. Shifting your focus to the feelings associated with these three areas, is what moves the outer energy from the Universe to deliver what you want.

Evidently the answer to the question is focusing on money is not a bad thing, it just doesn’t get you want you want unless you arduously work towards tying your energy to money. Fulfilling deep needs, desires and cravings of the heart however will generate results beyond your wildest expectations. 

The pressing need to create our new reality and how you can play a part

We are entering a time when there is a split in realities. One path leads to an artificial, technocratic world and the other is what the rest of us shape it to be.

There is a big reason why we are seeing a huge split between the two directions, because one offers a world that takes our power away, censors our ability to have our unique perspectives and paths and many freedoms and the other reality is about becoming empowered and setting a new course for our future. One is aligned with our souls and the other is not. This is no coincidence and if you want to be part of a new reality we have to actively create it.

So as invested people in our futures, we must ask where is our world going and do we want to go there? This one simple questions fails to be asked by the majority of us and we go along with the momentum towards a direction where people are not thriving, remain in a position where we are influenced and coerced by others and the entire system leads us to where it wants to go. 

So what can we as individuals do to change things and why should we? 

We have the ability to adapt our own lives and set a course for amazing change. There are already many people shifting their perception of the world and visualising a different path which is opening up right before our very eyes. By understanding the principles of law of attraction and identifying what really makes us happy we start focusing on outcomes and generating momentum towards this new direction. I believe the majority of us, apart from those scarry sociopaths, want a world in which we all flourish and gain deep fulfilment, immersing ourselves in the magic of life, nature and the universe. 

If this is you, then it is time to start working towards your own vision of a beautiful life. Turn your attention on the outcome and lifestyle you want to create and on all the things that make you happy. Learn the art of manifestation and apply it to every area of your life and our world will turn into the paradise it was always meant to be and currently is underneath the veil of technology and order. 

We  are powerful creators and the purpose of life is to create, so lets use this energy and all our abilities to set this course to a wonderful, glorious world where we love our lives, our children are inspired and we are aligned to the heart of ourselves, our communities and our planet. It is our time to thrive, let’s own it!


Is People Pleasing Stopping You From Living Your Ideal Life?

Is People Pleasing Stopping You From Living Your Ideal Life?

We are all guilty of people pleasing in some form or another however what may be surprising is how many of us are pleasing people we don’t even particular like or respect. I have witnessed people bending over backwards to try and convince others that they are worthy of their attention but at the end of the day why do we care? 

I remember there was a stage in my life when I have tried to please aquaintances to gain some mythical approval from people who just weren’t nice or worthy of my attention. Then one day I stopped, I had that ahha moment. I realised I had no desire to waste my time getting approval from someone I would never want to be like. Perhaps we fear being rejected by those who offer the most condemnation to others, those that can declare us to not be ‘normal’. However what we may need to remind ourselves of is that the most successful people are not only unique, they also completely embrace their uniqueness and great things always come into their lives.

The evidence would suggest that our desire to gain approval comes from our need to belong and fit in, even at the consequence of our true selves. Our whole society convinces us that we must fit in or suffer the consequences. We all learn this early on at school due to the suffering one experiences when they are different.

Giving in to the urge to fit in only takes us further away from what I like to refer as our Soul Print’, the basic blue print of what makes us unique and what unique path is ours and ours alone to make our heart sing. By choosing to just fit in, we take ourselves away from who we truly are and our happiness.

Have you ever been in a group where you know you must act a certain way or talk a certain way to be accepted even though you just don’t feel like these people are ‘your people’? Somewhere along the line, you convinced yourself that you need their respect and approval and by doing so you have merged into a new person, someone different to your true you. Maybe someone you don’t even recognise or enjoy anymore.

When I first started my journey in recreating my life, a friend was interested in doing some of the same things I was doing. She told me however that she won’t be able to because she would end up ‘different’ like me. It was kind of weird hearing that however on the flip side it was an eye opener to know that someone would choose to keep themselves small so they didn’t rock the boat and appear ‘ not normal’ to people who weren’t striving for more themselves. Why is it that we don’t embrace being different and use it to our advantage? 

All I know is that by choosing to be me, a little different with unique opinions and ideas, I have attracted lots of new people, conversations and opportunities into my life that are far more enriching than the ‘normal things’ I was attracting when I was worried about what people thought. Life is far more interesting now as I am creating my world around my interests.

Isn’t it time we all started living our lives according to our dreams, desires and interests?

If you believe so then as of today, go out and be YOU and do it well

Go shine your light on the world. Stop people pleasing and just be YOU and only YOU, so that your whole world opens up and greets you and invites you into a fun and interesting era.