Now Within the Hearts of Many a New Dream Stirs

Now Within the Hearts of Many a New Dream Stirs

At this present time there are two realities are emerging. One is driven by fear and separation that is leading us on a path to nowhere. The other is a new dream that has been born in heart’s of love, people looking to be connected to each other again and surrounded by nature. The choice is now upon us to determine which path will warm our own heart and lead us to the happiness we crave in our lives.

Dear soul, aren’t you tired of striving to find something which appears to be unattainable. Where is this illusive satisfaction and happy life you were promised in your youth? The path has always been there for you to find however you must make the conscious choice to move towards it and do things your own way. This may mean giving up the false beliefs and following false prophets into the abyss that they promise you exists.

A wise woman once said to me ‘ Vanessa, you have two choices. Keep allowing the magic into your life or go back to being like everyone else’. Those two choices face us every day and I personally continue to choose the magic. I believe we are here to experience joy and creation and when we are in these states we are fulfilling our purpose. Anything less than that is following someone else’s game and the rules are never going to be in our favour.

It is time to stop waiting for the right time and the right circumstances to line up to change the direction we are heading in – we get to choose and we get to choose when we take that step. There are many people who are choosing happiness and a natural flow over a life of striving to be and to have. They are within the beauty of a new way of being so that more uplifting creations may be born. This dream is upon us now and is calling upon those who seek a better way.





Not attracting money despite your biggest efforts? This is the reason why

Not attracting money despite your biggest efforts? This is the reason why

We have reached a point now where everyone is obsessed with the law of attraction in relation to money. Is this a good thing? Before we develop a clear answer to that questions, let’s put the spotlight on money itself.

Money is an object, it is a means to getting what you want. It is only charged with emotion when we think of it as the barrier between where we are and where we want to go.

Money has no energy itself, however it is an object that can lead you to achieving your desires. Very much like an egg from a chicken, the eggs are often used to create something else like cakes or biscuits. We don’t sit there trying to manifest a bunch of eggs for cooking, we just focus on the cake we want to eat. When you imagine the cake, eating it and how wonderful it tastes, then you have just created a heart connection and you feel inspired to the pathway to make the cake. The eggs themselves will become available for you to make the cake as they exist in abundance.

The same process occurs with money, focusing on the outcome of what you want to buy with the money (not the money itself), connects your heart with your real desire and an amazing pathway will open up for you to get what you want.

This is why I focus on lifestyle in the process of creation. I believe the number one reason we want money is to improve our lifestyle. We can get caught up in a lot of nonsense about what we want to buy with money but once again these are objects, with no energy. What really makes our heart sing is where we live, who we perceive ourselves to be and what we do with our lives to create and contribute. These are are true focus areas in life and even our needs. Shifting your focus to the feelings associated with these three areas, is what moves the outer energy from the Universe to deliver what you want.

Evidently the answer to the question is focusing on money is not a bad thing, it just doesn’t get you want you want unless you arduously work towards tying your energy to money. Fulfilling deep needs, desires and cravings of the heart however will generate results beyond your wildest expectations. 

The pressing need to create our new reality and how you can play a part

The pressing need to create our new reality and how you can play a part

We are entering a time when there is a split in realities. One path leads to an artificial, technocratic world and the other is what the rest of us shape it to be.

There is a big reason why we are seeing a huge split between the two directions, because one offers a world that takes our power away, censors our ability to have our unique perspectives and paths and many freedoms and the other reality is about becoming empowered and setting a new course for our future. One is aligned with our souls and the other is not. This is no coincidence and if you want to be part of a new reality we have to actively create it.

So as invested people in our futures, we must ask where is our world going and do we want to go there? This one simple questions fails to be asked by the majority of us and we go along with the momentum towards a direction where people are not thriving, remain in a position where we are influenced and coerced by others and the entire system leads us to where it wants to go. 

So what can we as individuals do to change things and why should we? 

We have the ability to adapt our own lives and set a course for amazing change. There are already many people shifting their perception of the world and visualising a different path which is opening up right before our very eyes. By understanding the principles of law of attraction and identifying what really makes us happy we start focusing on outcomes and generating momentum towards this new direction. I believe the majority of us, apart from those scarry sociopaths, want a world in which we all flourish and gain deep fulfilment, immersing ourselves in the magic of life, nature and the universe. 

If this is you, then it is time to start working towards your own vision of a beautiful life. Turn your attention on the outcome and lifestyle you want to create and on all the things that make you happy. Learn the art of manifestation and apply it to every area of your life and our world will turn into the paradise it was always meant to be and currently is underneath the veil of technology and order. 

We  are powerful creators and the purpose of life is to create, so lets use this energy and all our abilities to set this course to a wonderful, glorious world where we love our lives, our children are inspired and we are aligned to the heart of ourselves, our communities and our planet. It is our time to thrive, let’s own it!


Is your job really good for you? The evidence suggests there is another way.

Is your job really good for you? The evidence suggests there is another way.

Are you sick and tired going to work and slaving away for someone who couldn’t care less about you? You are not alone. 

Women in particular are leaving their draining jobs in droves (there Are 114 Percent More Women Entrepreneurs Than 20 Years Ago) to pursue their passions and create an abundant lifestyle that bring zest back to life and allows them spend more time with their families. 

Not many companies care about your personal lives, they may pretend they do but let’s face it they most likely don’t. I once worked for a company that expected you to come in on weekends every few months to attend a meeting, one which could easily be held on a weekday. This was their special way of holding their power over you and this is how they expect you to show your dedication to the company. If you didn’t go, you could expect some consequences. Yikes, can you imagine! This was not a very healthy environment to work in, that is for sure.

However the reality is, this is how creations work. When someone creates a structure or business – it can only thrive if it recruits people who will give energy to it. Put simply, people have to buy in to THEIR game in order for it to exist. The moment you buy into their game, you hand your power over and feed it what it wants – your energy and your time. In return it will give you some drip benefits such as a weekly pay, some pats on the back when you as you are told, maybe you get a promotion here and there and the reason why most people stay is the illusion of safety only achievable if you stay within the perimeters of the game. That meaning, in return you must abide by it’s rules and keep your unique true self as hidden as possible (until you disappear and become what suits them) and if you do not, you are out on your ear or punished in a variety of ways.

The question we all must ask ourselves is do we want to work our lives away to help build other people’s creations, knowing that we must use all OUR energy to do so?

When I looked at organisations and the system as individual and collective games, it really shifted my perspective and I realised the only ‘game’ I want to be in is my own. There are many of you, who also desire your own business so you can get out of being the energetic errand boy/girl for companies and instead invest your energy into something fabulous, something that comes from your heart and ignites the happiness that is yours.

The key point in my article is that you can get out of these organisations and start a business that gives you the flexible lifestyle you crave. You can start very simply or go full throttle, just as long as you get started. The most simplest way to get moving is to start with your mindset and shifting your beliefs about what is possible. It is all about believing in the possibility of something more, doing something you love. The moment you believe, is the moment you are delivered the opportunities that will change your life and lead you onto the path to that deeper fulfilment.

This is why I focus on helping Mothers in particular, as I really believe should have the ability to create that lifestyle that supports them financially while giving them the time they crave with their children. Our society is set up in a way that is counteractive to this, however we are in the midst of a paradigm shift and more women are shifting their mindset and actions to achieve their broader goals. We now have the knowledge to shape our individual path and a better world that is heart aligned.

So I say go for it, take those first few steps as early as possible. Start with your beliefs and go from there because you 100% absolutely can do it and a path will open up the moment you make the intention to be in charge of your own life!




Your Dream Life is Just Around the Corner: 6 Secrets to Becoming a Visionary Mama!

Your Dream Life is Just Around the Corner: 6 Secrets to Becoming a Visionary Mama!

Not today.. says your reflection in the mirror unconsciously closing the door to your happiness and carrying your desires away with the current. Another day has come, and yet your dream of becoming the woman you’ve always wanted to be seems more distant.  As if caught in a time loop, you see this dream slowly slipping away, and you can’t let that happen.

Women tend to lead from the heart. And often, we give all our love, devotion and care to others forgetting about taking care of our own needs and desires.

The secret that often goes untold is that while you are pottering around on this planet, there’s still time to fulfill your deepest desires and create the life you’ve always wanted to live. It all comes down to you and how ready you are to welcome this new life into your heart and home.

Being a Mama is a gift and a blessing.. it always helps to remember.

But as the cycle of life dictates, this Mama has once been a girl who had big dreams of becoming a happy woman, living her life with purpose and excitement, and building a strong and loving family.

Now imagine a reality where this dream had come true – your reality.

William Arthur Ward once said “If you can imagine it, you can create it. If you can dream it, you can become it”.

The fact that you’re reading this now is a sign that you’re willing and ready to create this new dream and live happily ever after.

Become Heart Aligned and be True to Yourself

“A woman in harmony with her spirit is like a river flowing. She goes where she will without pretense and arrives at the destination prepared to be herself and only herself”.

The wisdom of poetry cannot lie. It comes from the heart. It holds the truth. And the truth is,

it takes courage to listen to your heart and be true to yourself. We lose our purpose in life when we allow our mind to dictate our actions and our experiences.

Allow the flower within to bloom and open your heart as it will ignite the flame that has been dormant for a long while and awaken the life energy needed to give shape to your dream.

When the heart dictates our actions and our experiences, we vibrate with joy, and our heart sings with love.

Create a Vision for Your Family

The bonds we share with our family, by birth or marriage, have a huge impact on our emotional well-being. Cultivating the art of togetherness in a space of love nurtures and guides the development of happy children who understand the importance of honoring their own hearts and souls.

As a wife and a Mama, you have a priceless role of nurturing your own heart desires while creating a thriving environment where all family members feel valued, loved and appreciated for their uniqueness. Creating a vision for your family life is the secret to building a happy and healthy family. Cultivate your spiritual connection with your loved one to fortify your life partnership.

Become clear on how you want to engage the heart and mind of your children. Whilst you cannot mold them, you can unfold them to be loving and compassionate and true to themselves.

Manifest your Intentions

“Words may inspire but only action creates change”.

It is not enough to crave the change, you have to set an intention and make the commitment. This is the key to transforming your dream into reality. It is the little choices you make in your everyday life that will lead you to living the life you want. There is but one degree of commitment, total. Your commitment and passion should consume you to the extent that you start believing and acting like you’re living your family dream already.

Give yourself the permission to make mistakes along the way. Your mistakes do not define you. Everything is a learning opportunity and leading you to your chosen path. Embrace your imperfections and let your heart guide you – you will shift to your new life path and manifest your wildest dreams in a more natural and graceful way.

Embrace & Celebrate your Uniqueness

We’ve been raised to embrace the idea of collectiveness where each individual plays the role they are given, mainly absorbed through their experiences with their family. However until recently society failed to understand that “we’re all unique, and have our own special place in the puzzle of the universe”. Over time, perceptions have changed, and uniqueness isn’t now seen as a weakness or threat, but a strength and opportunity, as it always should have been.

Once you embrace your uniqueness, you will learn more about who you are and what you like. It will give you strength to realize your potential. It is the way out of the rut if you want to make a huge leap forward and build your own business that will mean more time to spend at home with your children. Use the power of uniqueness as fuel to do whatever you have in mind. By celebrating your uniqueness you can transform your life.

Most importantly, this will inspire your children to follow in your footsteps and use their uniqueness to shape a fulfilling life.

The Art of Letting Go of Anything Holding You Back

Easier said than done, letting go is probably the most difficult thing to do. Under Freytag’s pyramid, this would be known as the climax part of the plot, the drama that plays a decisive role in your transformation process. It means giving up on things you’ve collected through life that are toxic – any thoughts, habits, relationships that have accompanied you through years and made you miserable.  These things are energetically draining you and sucking the life out of you, and cutting cords with them is a part of the process. You know it has been the right decision when you enter a sense of serenity that brings calmness within.

Gratefulness is a Choice

We usually live in the past and the future, but not the present. We relive moments, we envision future events, but we never concentrate on the Now. Gratefulness is a choice you consciously make to embrace and celebrate life as it is. It is a choice you make to enjoy life, and this is what our children are so good at. It is their innate instinct to be happy in the Now, play, laugh, have fun.. and instead of playing the part of demanding parents, we should stop and listen. There’s so much knowledge we can learn from them. When was the last time you watched your children play?!

Anything in a woman’s hands is possible. You have the chance to take your family life in your own hands, give it shape and form, color and warmth to thrive and grow.