Creating a New Way of Being in a Time of Uncertainty

We are in a time when we are facing two emerging realities. One is a course set by destructive thought which is leading us to, well, you know where. A place where our society lacks fundamental values, our unique perspectives are censored and our way of life is completely misaligned with our human spirit.

The other reality is also forming now.  We are dreaming of a better world and a new vision is forming. This is a world where we are aligned with our human spirit. However, if you truly want to be part of this new reality, we, as a group, have to actively take part in creating it.

You wouldn’t be blamed if you are feeling a little tired at the thought of it, but is it really that hard? Considering that our current society template was formed by a bunch old mates long ago which is based on fear, one must consider that a vision formed with love in our hearts would be a million times more powerful to bring into fruition. So we must stop feeding the dream of destructive thinkers and feed the dream of loving souls.

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The World Needs Your Voice

Have you ever wondered why it is harder than ever these days to use your voice? Mankind from all corners of the Earth are encouraged to censor themselves in order to not disturb the ‘I’m offended’ culture that is brewing in our society. I use the word brewing on purpose because this reminds me of a festering boiling pot of water waiting to lash out and scorch the person who dares stand too close.

Having a personal opinion is becoming taboo. Instead, only a shared official narrative is encouraged. We now frequently see people on Facebook standing on a soapbox about an issue that is important to them, only to finish with – ‘if you don’t agree, please delete me from your list,’ rather than be open to an alternative view. When we buy into the concept that people must be quietened if they don’t share our opinion, we limit ourselves for growth. It is only through debate and alternative views that we open ourselves to new possibilities and critical thinking. Otherwise we just hand over our power to the status quo and end up silencing independent thinking.

So why is our independent thought so important anyway? It is only through independent thinking that our world can shift and change. New ideas and new opportunities can emerge to activate our inner creator. When we stop our independent thought, we stop our creations and the world becomes just a byproduct of an outdated narrative that serves outdated beliefs.

For those who do censor others, have you ever asked ‘then what?’ If I silence everyone who disagrees with me, will I then be happy? I think not. I think happiness lies within the concept of freedom. Freeing our minds, our thoughts, our creations and our voice to seek a better way for us to live. 

I strongly believe that the purpose of our lives here on earth is to create and seek joy from our creations, especially when they benefit us for future years to come.

I ask of you, dear soul, to invest in your independent thought and your voice. Share your voice, share your opinions, share your ideas to bring about change and activate our true human potential. We have only just started discovering our true powers of creation through learning about the law of attraction and from what we already know, this is only possible through thought.

The destructive thinkers can change things very fast for us. Instead, we need more kind, considerate and thoughtful beings deciding to use their soulful thoughts to create an uplifting world where we can thrive.

Don’t let people silence your voice because it is uncomfortable for them to expand their mind. Speak your words with kindness, respect and love but above all speak, as the world is now ready for more people like you, who can make a difference and set a course for our new reality.

Love to you all


My Story – A New Way of Being

Ages ago, before becoming the person I am now, the biggest crow I have ever seen flew up 9 stories of the office building and repeatedly tapped its beak on my window like a mad bird. I knew in my bones that it was a sign that big change was on its way.

I refused the call to take change into my own hands and as a result change was thrust upon me and my life went into turmoil and confusion about what I was doing in my career and my life.

I started studying all things energetic and spiritual and it wasn’t until I had a vivid dream to go to Russia, that I quit my well-paying job to figure out the purpose of my life, despite people thinking I was crazy or worse, ‘extremely brave’.

My life changed. I met my husband-to-be on day 2 of the trip, travelled to amazing spiritual places, had many weird and strange experiences and lived between Canada and Australia while I unraveled the confusion.

Then just like that, I had an epiphanyI need to take control of my own destiny and stop leaving it the hands of the Universe to decide.This decision changed my entire life – I let go of limiting beliefs, reclaimed my independent thought, uncovered truth and knowledge, learnt how to manifest, delved into deeper and spiritual levels of manifesting, accessed super levels of creativity and powerful thought and started developing a vision and blueprint for a better way to live, a happy way to live including a philosophy for raising children in a more natural and intuitive way.

My life began here. Everything before then, was someone else’s life, someone else’s formula for living. I called myself into action and transformed into a person who is living a life aligned to my spirit and established a connection to all that is. I now consider myself a purposeful creator.

I direct much of my creative energy towards being a soulful entrepreneur who is ready to help people, who are just like the old me before I changed.They want to access their full human creative potential and invest in a New Way of Being that is 100% aligned to their human spirit and happiness. People who know they are destined for more but feel weary to make big change or simply don’t know how to make it happen. They can make it happen, they just need someone who has walked in their shoes to show them how and that someone is me. 


I created my soulful pathway to a New Way of Being in the form of membership to solve that one simple question you have – Are we destined for more?

YES – I know you are destined for more, we all are and I know you can have a happier life. There is a better way to live, aligned to our human spirit in order to thrive.

I created my courses to give others an easy pathway towards that amazing change you seek. Within your membership I take you through a journey where you learn the art of manifesting, develop your prosperity mindset to attract wealth and opportunities into your life, I help you awaken your soul business so you have a way to support your ideal lifestyle and have more free time and I also give you the tools you need to overcome the typical manifesting challenges that keep people stuck! It’s a formula for living an inspired life.

Not only that, I included my Little Visionaries course for parents to nurture their child’s natural manifesting ability so they too can create happy and purposeful lives as they grow too.

I invite you to join ths Membershipto ignite your journey towards a New Way of Being.




Turn and Face the Strange – A Call to Your Higher Purpose

For about 3 days I haven’t been able to shake David Bowie’s ‘Changes’ song out of my head. Today however, it had me thinking a little deeper about the lyrics ‘Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes. Turn and face the strange…..’ in relation to taking a journey towards a different version of your life.

Whenever we are called to make big change in our lives, normally by a higher version of ourselves, our first temptation is to refuse the call. This is understandable because there is a major part of us who is desperate to stay safe and comfortable in a bubble, in our ordinary world. This is the world you grew up in, clear parameters, rules and formulas to abide by.

However there is a small number of us whose souls don’t give up on calling us toward a greater vision. It gets stronger and stronger and louder and louder. A deep knowing formulates within us that we are destined to live a different life. A life that is unfamiliar and completely unknown, yet you know you have a higher purpose to fulfill.

It is scary and you will try to ignore it. It keeps nagging and nagging at you.

Then all of a sudden, something makes you take notice, a synchronicity that can’t be ignored or an opportunity that is super intriguing. This is when you are terribly afraid but everything inside of you is going to go for it anyway, even against the ‘better’ judgement of those around you. This is when you “turn and face the strange”.

Once you look, you can’t turn back. That is your first courageous action, looking in the direction of the unknown, towards the path you have just agreed to take.

In every adventurer’s journey, the first step is the hardest because you feel aloneand that is because you are. It is a very intimate agreement between your spirit and physical self and because you have free will, you are given the space to make it.

Despite being afraid and unsure, you will begin your journey towards a new type of wisdom and you will feel alone on that first step.

This step however is your first experience of growth, because although you were alone – you felt empowered. You reclaimed something within you, a dormant part of you. This is a reward for your trust.

Next, is when you will meet a guide or a mentor who will take you further down your new path, towards your higher purpose.Every step on your journey will be met with new guides, new insight and new revelations on what our wonderful and magical world is really about. That you can count on.

This story today, is to encourage you that although it is a journey into the strange, it will be worth it.  Yes, it will be scary, yes it will involve some work but the rewards will be far greater than you can imagine.

You may get stuck here and there or you may fly through it but ultimately you will find joy, peace and happiness. The only thing you will lose is your comfort zone, but essentially, that is where your life will begin.

When you turn to face the strange, you a looking at a new truth, a new version of you and quite possibly a new perspective of the world at large. This will be the most exciting adventure of your lifeand there is so much support and encouragement for those who take that leap of faith.

Starting a Soul Business in a Super Affordable Way

Ok, so you want a Soul Business but the only thing holding you back is the idea that you have to spend a lot of cash?

You are not alone as I was feeling like this to when I started out. Then one day I realised I didn’t need much upfront investment. There are so many super affordable ways to start your soul business.

At first you may not believe me, but it is really easy to start a business as there is an ABUNDANCE of FREE products, resources and tutorials available online to get you going.

Before I started my business, I was waiting around for a huge cash injection to magically manifest in my life so I could do all the things I had in mind. However I started to come to the realisation that I don’t need to start with my A-Game – I just need to start. Once I took that pressure off, I was airborne.

I would like to share the basic steps with you on getting started in a super affordable way.

1. Get Clear on your idea – find your passion

Would you believe that getting clear on your idea is the first major hurdle to overcome? Many people have created a business based on what they think they SHOULD do rather than what they WANT to do. If you can however get clear at the beginning about your passion, what you can offer and how to make money from it, then you are all systems go. Spend more time in this area.

Feel free to download my Manifesting Big Ideas Cheat Sheet to come up with your perfect idea.

2. Business Name and Legal Setup

Come up with a really great business name and register it. Make sure you check if the domain name is available first and if it is, go for it.

3. Start a Website, social media and Blog

Start a website and blog. There are numerous free platforms available with really easy to use templates.  I started with wordpress and still use it today. Make sure people can subscribe to your email. 

Affordable Platforms include:

  • WordPress – simply pay for hosting and maybe a them upgrade
  • Hootsuite FREE Version – Schedule your social media posts to free up your time
  • Mailchimp FREE Version – Collect emails through your website and send regularly as your database grows
  • Canva FREE version – create graphic and workbooks
  • Participate in free online courses and read articles on creating content.
  • Join entrepreneur membership groups on facebook for support, ideas and inspiration

4. Create a Product or Service

Now that you have started on your website – add your product or service. Think of ways to monetize your passion and offer it on your website. 

5. Promote through your existing networks

Start developing your audience through your existing one. Email friends and family, encourage them to sign up through your facebook page and get them reading your blog. It all starts here, everyone starts here. 

6. Let go of being perfect

You don’t need to be perfect, just start. You can refine your copy, your product, your offer as you go along. Just starting is the hardest part.  Once you are up and running, you can polish your offer, your material or develop your skills further.

Just by starting your business, you have developed your confidence that you can do this and you are already on your way. It places you right in the energy of creation and you will get your inspiration and synchronicities as evidence that you are on the right path.

Know that you will make it and you just need a small step toward it every time.  

If you want to really kick start your Soul Business and the learn the art of manifesting, check out my Happy Everything Online Course. You will be on your way to starting your Soul Business in no time.

In this course you will:

  • Discover your passion and purpose,
  • Create your Soul Brand through Branding with Archetypes
  • Identify your Niche with Niche Breakthrough Secrets.

You will receive the added bonuses of understanding how to manifest your ideal life and your prosperity mindset throughout. Plus you will learn how to carve your own unique path to ensure your business supports your lifestyle aspirations.

Are you ready to upgrade and live the life you were destined to lead? Yes, yes and yes!