It is our choice to make 2020 the best year yet and the best decade to come and I couldn’t think of a better intention. There are going to be a load of changes coming in the next 10 years and a split in realities so it is up to us to take the reins, set the tone and create ripples of change in our favour so we can choose the path that is more aligned to our human spirit.

My intention in 2020 is to step into powerful creative and manifesting energy to bring some new lifestyle projects and dreams into fruition including welcoming in a new little life into the world in the first quarter, which our family is very excited about.

I am certainly in the festive mood and 2020 mood so I would love to share some easy ways that you too can use to kick start the year ahead on a positive note:

1. Reflect on 2019 to clear the way for a positive year ahead

These questions will help you reflect on what worked and what didn’t in 2019 and how to do things differently next year.

When you think back to the start of 2019, did you manage to achieve the goals or projects you had set for yourself? Did you take a step toward them? If not what stopped you?

Who can you thank for supporting you or inspiring you throughout the year? Giving thanks to these people either in person or in spirit will generate even more positive energy for the coming year.

What issues and challenges came up throughout the year? Now is a good time to work on clearing these issues so they don’t come up again next year. You can do this through a simple clearing technique such as EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique). Clear, clear, clear and then you are ready to go into a new decade with a fresh perspective.  As a recommendation check out Carol Look for all things EFT as I really like her work.

2. Set the feeling for 2020?

What do you intend your predominant feeling to be throughout 2020? Place this where you will see it every day.

3. Set your top Goals for 2020.

Set the intention that you will achieve 5 of your top goals in 2020 including at least one dedicated to your ideal lifestyle. Place the goals where you will see them every day. Commit to taking action steps towards these such as simply starting the project, learning a new skill, taking a course, changing a habit, changing your mindset and so on.

4. Write a diary in 2020 to highlight your journey towards manifesting these goals

You never know, one day you may be able to turn this into a book or a series of articles so you can inspire others in their journey. At the very least you are recoding evidence that you CAN achieve your desires.

5. Invest in creativity

Find your special creative pursuit. The more creative you are, the more love you generate from what you are doing and then more heart centred creative ideas come in. It is a wonderful cycle of giving and momentum towards positivity and happiness.

This is the decade that everything can change and will change in varying directions, you just need to decide whether you are an observer or an active participant and driver towards the change you want to see. My best it, if you are reading this, then your spirit is giving you the prompt to get ready, set and go towards wonderful year.