Learn the Art of Manifesting to

Create a Happy and Purposeful Life

Vanessa teaches you how to create a simpler lifestyle that offers fulfillment, financial freedom, happiness and quality time with your family. This is a movement towards a new way of being.

 Vanessa LeBlanc is a law of attraction guide, helping women (and men) to create the simpler, happy and purposeful life that we all crave. In a time of uncertainty and disillusionment, Vanessa will teach you the art of manifesting a new personal reality which has the power to shape the world we want ourselves and our children to live in.   If you are ready to bring your dream alive without sacrificing what is important to you, then join our movement and live life the way we were all meant to!


How I Can Help You

Learn the art of manifesting to create the simpler, happy and purposeful life that we all crave.

Raise your children to understand the art of manifesting so they design their own happy future.

Awaken the soul of your business through this Branding With Archetypes® Virtual Workshop.

FREE 30 Minute Coaching Discovery Session

Have a nervous feeling about finding a coach that gets you and can deliver? I hear you, I was exactly the same when I was looking for coach. This is why I offer a 30 Minute Coaching Discovery Session for FREE. My session allows you to get to know me and gives you kick start insights to get you started on your success journey. No obligation.

Determine if I am the right coach for you
Get to know you session
Insights into your most pressing issue
Feel comfortable knowing I can help you
Kick start your success journey

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